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Welflow Live Storage Extra Shelf Level Initial Bay

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Store and handle high volume rapid turnover stock
  • Provide continuous flow of components on 'first in, first out' principle
  • Goods deposited at rear of bay travel to picking face by gravity on wheeled track
  • Flexible system with adjustable shelf heights, wheel pitch, track and guide widths
Tilted shelves for ease of access for stock picking
Framework comprises steel uprights with bolted top tie beams and cross braces
Shelves comprise of steel channel frames adjustable on 12.5mm vertical pitch for height and angle
Tracks, which are adjustable on 7.5mm centres across shelves, consist of galvanised channels housing steel spindled wheels:
STANDARD DUTY WHEELS 28mm Dia. with 3mm steel spindle in 0.75mm thick galvanised steel channel, capacity 16kg per wheel
HEAVY DUTY WHEELS 28mm Dia. with 4.5mm steel spindle in 1.2mm thick galvanised steel channel - capacity 20kg per wheel
Maximum Height 2.5m, bay width 2.85m and bay depth 6.0m
The guide prices shown are based on units 2240mm high with each bay having 3 adjustable shelf levels
Bay width 1800mm (clear entry) with 8 lengths of Standard Track per shelf level
Each length of track fitted with 28mm dia. polypropylene moulded wheels on steel spindles set on a 33mm pitch
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Bay TypeExtra shelf level for initial bay
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