Shelving and Racking

The Welco range of shelving and racking is the perfect way to maximise your storage space. By taking advantage of our full “concept to installation” projects service you can be sure your storage meets relevant safety standards to provide a solution you can rely on. With a huge selection of styles suitable for all applications available, we will always have exactly what you need.

Things to consider...

There are many factors to take into consideration in order to choose the most suitable shelving and racking for your workplace. First, it’s important to ensure that premises are laid out correctly to provide maximum efficiency. You should then determine how much floor space you have available; static shelving is cost effective but requires a bigger footprint than mobile shelving.

Thought should also be given to what is going to be stored, the frequency it needs to be accessed and the size and weight of the goods to ensure the shelving or racking is appropriate. Without going through these important steps you could be opening yourself up to the following:

Falling Goods - Poorly stacked or overhanging goods could easily fall and potentially injure staff

Falling People - Without proper access equipment staff might be tempted to climb shelving and take unnecessary risks

Handling Errors - Placing heavy items in the wrong location can easily create handling risks to your staff

Poor Placement Hazards - Storing inappropriate items together could lead to contamination or other dangers

Fire Risks - Improperly stored goods can block fire exits and create a flammable risk

Impact Risks - Poorly laid out shelving systems can lead to collisions from forklift trucks and other lifting equipment

What options are available?

Welco can supply and install a wide range of shelving and racking suitable for all locations.

Industrial and General Shelving

Industrial and general shelving is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Ideal for stockrooms, stores and factories, as well as most other storage locations, this shelving is a good all rounder. Boltless varieties are easy to assemble, but robust enough to support up to 600kg. Whether you want steel, melamine or chipboard decks there is something to cover every application.

industrial shelving
industrial shelving
industrial shelving

Office Shelving

Office shelving is generally more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing than its industrial counterparts and used in areas where finish is more important, such as front of house. A smart, clean look can be achieved by the clever placement of post holes or the use of end panels. An assortment of dimensions allows most spaces to be effectively utilised, whilst the modular design means extra bays can be added.

Mobile Shelving

For areas where space is at a premium, most shelving ranges can be configured into mobile storage systems. Taking up half the floor space of a static system, units are moved effortlessly using ergonomic hand wheels. Bases are designed to sit directly onto any floor surface without the need for fixing down – this means any relocation can be completed without damage to the original floor. Furthermore, systems are modular allowing for easy additions and alterations.

Our mobile shelving systems are designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements – our free site survey will help us establish a layout and system best suited to your particular application.

Wide Access Shelving

Wide access shelving is particularly suitable for areas storing large, bulky or heavy products. The first shelf can generally be positioned at least 1000mm off of the floor leaving the ground clear to store other items. A full range of size and decking permutations, teamed with an array of capacity options, make our wide access systems suitable for all environments.

Specialist Shelving

Many environments such as kitchens, pharmaceutical laboratories and cold stores require specialist shelving. We can provide units suitable for any application, constructed from a variety of materials including plastic, chrome or zinc-plated steel. Whatever your requirements, there will be a finish to suit.

Live Storage

Also known as flow racking, live storage makes efficient use of available space and helps streamline operations in assembly, packing or dispatch areas. Each bay is fitted with roller track, angled at a slight gradient, with the lowest end at the pick face. Goods are hand loaded at the higher end and roll down to replace items as they are removed. Live storage is ideal for stock control as it operates on a strict first in, first out basis. Our live storage systems can be designed to carry any size of carton and allow operators to minimise pick times, reduce errors and make stock control a more straight forward process generally.

Pallet Racking

Our pallet racking comes in a very wide range of sizes and capacities to accommodate any area, environment or load. Fully compliant, it conforms to the latest SEMA (UK) safety regulations and all installation work is SIERS approved. As well as the racking itself, we can also supply a variety of accessories to complement your system such as decking, upright protectors and anti-collapse mesh. A free site visit from our technical representative will allow us to view your application and design the most suitable layout.

How can we help you?

The Welco projects service is the best way to ensure your shelving and racking works for you. One of our experienced technical sales representatives will visit your site on a free, no-obligation basis to assess your needs and make proposals based on them. We will then submit plans, layouts and cost estimates for your shelving and/or racking and discuss timeframes and any installation.

Welco has over 70 years experience of design and installation and always provides high-quality solutions that are built to last.

To discuss how Welco can transform your storage and arrange a No Obligation site survey call 0800 954 9001

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