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Natural 785 x 495 x 850 mm Multi Coloured Tapered Sided Trucks

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224-203 NATURAL
Colour code materials during handling and storage
  • Transport bulky goods even if damp or wet
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Tapered sides with smooth, sealed interiors
Suitable for industrial, commercial, retail and catering environments, these tapered sided trucks are perfect for transporting and storing goods. Trucks are manufactured from 100% food grade polyethylene and are able to withstand temperature extremes of -20°C to +60°C thus making them suitable for use in catering environments. The completely smooth sides make the trucks easy to clean; whilst the tapered shape makes them suitable for nesting, making them cost effective to transport and much easier to store whilst empty. When not in use these truck can be nested inside each other minimizing the amount of space required for storing them.
A large range of colours means the trucks can be used to colour code different products, making them easily identifiable and therefore reducing the potential for error.
If required, lids are also available to purchase, as are black tapered sided trucks and lids; the black trucks and lids are made from 100% recycled polymer which is not approved for food use.
For extra strength the 320 litre and 455 litre capacity trucks, are fitted with a food grade plastic base.
The food grade polyethylene which is used to manufacture the trucks and lids is both hygienic and resistant to most chemicals.
All trucks are fitted with castors to enable easy movement.
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