Anti-Slip Tape & Treads

Slips and falls are a great risk within warehouses, which is largely due to the presence of heavy machinery and slippery substances such as oils and grease. It’s essential to provide staff with safe surfaces with plenty of grip to prevent accidents, which is why we stock a wide range of anti-slip tape and treads.

Our Treadsafe disks are robust and anti-slip, thanks to an abrasive coating which gives them added grip, even when they’re wet or covered in oil or grease. If aisles or potential hazards need to be marked within workplaces, we also have a selection of anti-slip tape which can be quickly applied. Additionally, there are anti-slip treads available which can be easily attached to floors, and as an added benefit, some feature warning symbols for quick recognition. If you require more warehouse flooring, browse our offering of non-slip flooring.

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  1. Anti Slip Tape
    Anti Slip Tape
    £13.75 £16.50
  2. Anti-Slip Plates
    Anti-Slip Plates
    £42.75 £51.30
  3. 3M Anti-Slip Tapes
    3M Anti-Slip Tapes
    £35.95 £43.14
  4. Treadsafe Disks
    Treadsafe Disks
    £30.99 £37.19
  5. Aluminium Plate
    Aluminium Plate
    £40.00 £48.00
  6. Anti-Slip Spray
    Anti-Slip Spray
    £16.25 £19.50
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