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Mini Pak'r void fill machine

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  • For void filling and protection
  • Small footprint, use it anywhere!
  • Creates puncture-resistant air cushions
  • For small to medium production lines
  • Each cushion uses 2% plastic and 98% air.
Our Mini Pak'r Void Fill machine creates puncture-resistant air cushions on demand that brace and protect items in transit or storage. Compatible with 5 types of cushion film this entry-level machine automatically adjusts temperature and air pressure and is ideal for smaller businesses.

Designed to work on a bench or be wall-mounted, our compact void fill machine is perfect for small spaces. Dimensions W 330mm L 360mm H 280mm. It is also a sensible choice for environmentally - conscious businesses as each cushion uses only 2% plastic and 98% air.

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Quantity Our Mini Pak'r void fill machines are available individually. The MPEZ simple tube cushion film rolls are available in packs of 2, while other rolls are available individually.

Size and shape optionsThis machine works with the 5 different kinds of film types and can create durable cushions of between 200mm and 400mm in width.

MPEZ -simple tube 130 x 200mm

MPNS - double cushion 150 x 400mm

MPDC - double tube 150 x 400mm

MPQL - large bubbles 150 x 400mm

MPQS - small bubbles 150 x 400mm

Weights and limits Lightweight and portable, our machine weighs just 6kg and is suitable for wall-mounting or worktop use. This makes it an ideal choice in areas where space is restricted. It also eliminates the need to store separate bubble wrap or loose fill materials.

Materials Thickness is measured in microns. The Mini Pak'r Void Fill machine creates durable, puncture-resistant cushions that are either 30 or 44 microns thick. These are suitable for bracing, wrapping, corner protection or void filling.

Environmental information The polythene film we supply is 100% recyclable.

Delivery information Delivered boxed and ready to use.

Purchasing information Available for purchase, this machine comes with a 1 year warranty.
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