Mezzanine Floors

Welco mezzanine floors provide a low-cost flexible option for increasing existing floor space. They can be used in any environment, including warehouse, storage, production, office or retail.

Available in single or multi-tier options, each floor is individually designed to suit the size and shape of the space available.

All Welco mezzanine floors are manufactured to conform to current British Standards and the latest EU Regulations.

As well as the mezzanine itself, we are also able to provide additional items to suit your floor layout, such as staircases, pallet gates, and handrail/edge protection. All of these items will be detailed on our quotation.

mezzanine floors
mezzanine floors
mezzanine floors
mezzanine floors
mezzanine floors

Fire Protection

Requirements for fire protection are governed by Fire Regulations. Welco will advise whether fire protection is necessary based on current guidelines and quote for this as appropriate.

Building Regulations

As part of our overall service, Welco can apply to the local authority for required Building Regulations on your behalf. This frees up your time to concentrate on the important task of running your business instead.

Additional Services

Welco are also able to offer assistance with utilising the space created by your new mezzanine floor. We will discuss your requirements fully, and can offer quotations for a variety of products, including shelving, storage and partitioning.

From a small production workshop to a full office refurbishment - Welco can provide the solution.

How can we help you?

Welco are pleased to offer a No Obligation site survey service for mezzanine floors. One of our experienced technical representatives will visit to discuss your requirements and assess how we can help. We will then scope a proposal that best meets your objectives and provide a detailed quotation along with any relevant drawings. We are happy to return to site until you are satisfied with our plans.

Please call 0800 954 9001 now to discuss your requirements and arrange a No Obligation site survey.

Alternatively, you can fill out our Quote Request form here.

Order Process

Once you have accepted our quote and placed an order with Welco, you will be allocated a dedicated project manager.

They will carry out a second site visit, after which fully detailed manufacturing drawings will be submitted to you for approval. Upon agreement of these, we will begin the manufacturing process.

We will then provide you with a date to deliver the structure and commence installation as well as an estimated completion time.

Once installed, we will ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of our work before handing the mezzanine floor over to you.

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