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Workshop Workstations

Workshop Workstations are used for specific tasks within industrial locations. Generally this is for I.T. or administration purposes so they are excellent as supervisor’s stations or in goods in areas within warehouses. Workstations also work well in garages or similar locations for booking in work or printing paperwork for customers.
All options include some secure storage which will protect valuable items such as hardware, paperwork and even small amounts of cash. In particularly dusty or dirty areas they offer protection for electrical items such as screens and printers, minimising maintenance time and breakages.

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Workshop workstations are incredibly versatile. Basic options with flat desk tops can be used for carrying out administrative duties, but are equally useful as occasional workbenches when space is tight – perfect for caretakers or light maintenance.
Simple sloping top work desks make completing paperwork easy by providing the optimum angle for working whilst standing. They are also well-suited to laying out plans or other large items. Finally, they are a good choice for those using laptops on a daily basis and therefore don’t require a permanent I.T. base.
For larger pieces of hardware, I.T. workstations are available in a variety of sizes and styles from a simple flat top compact version to a large combination work desk. All include space for a monitor, tower and printer; as well as a pull out shelf for a keyboard and mouse. They provide a secure place for hardware and other consumables to be used, stored and protected from bumps, scrapes and dirt.


Q: Where might I use a sloping top work desk?
A: Sloping top work desks can be combined with a variety of backboards to create workshop workstations suitable for specific locations and applications.
Information stations feature a magnetic board which is useful for supervisor’s stations as notices can be displayed for all to see.
Quality stations include a magnetic board as well as an additional shelf for holding files. These make ideal goods in or dispatch desks and can be situated anywhere that commonly used records might be required.
Tool stations have a perforated backboard that can be fitted with hooks and holders for storing tools. They are excellent for workshops or other areas where small repairs might take place.
Q: I sometimes need to use my PC in another location. Is there a way to do this?
A: Mobile bases that allow workstations to be transported from location to location are available. These effectively create I.T. trolleys so hardware can be moved as required. This can be useful in schools, laboratories or medical establishments.
Q: What other workstations are available?
A: Cutting stations designed for metalwork are available for specialist use. They are loaded with safety features, including fire-rated sound deadening foam and support arms. They can be taken anywhere and provide a solid foundation for cutting conduit, piping or cable trays.
To discuss your workbench/storage needs and how Welco can provide the perfect solution, please contact one of our technical specialists on 0800 954 9001 or use Live Chat.

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