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Mobile Workbenches

Mobile Workbenches have a variety of uses and range from simple folding structures to heavy duty wheeled cabinets with storage and additional security features included. Because of this there is bench to suit all applications.
Whether used in temporary locations such as building sites, as “work in progress” benches that hold unfinished projects, or as portable maintenance trolleys, all of the benches in this category will prove their usefulness time and time again.

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Mobile workbenches have a myriad of uses making them one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your workplace. Beyond their obvious ability to move from place to place in a workshop or garage, they can be used in a wide range of locations for an almost infinite variety of purposes.
Mobile workbench trucks come with a choice of different storage options and finishes and are perfect for light repairs and maintenance tasks. They can also be employed as an overflow solution for longer jobs that will be worked on “as and when”, keeping regularly used benches clear.
Mobile steel workbenches combine heavy duty capabilities with the ability to work anywhere. Using a simple lever action they transform from a wheeled bench to a static one making them one of the sturdiest mobile benches available. This, coupled with their larger size, means they are ideally suited to larger tasks in industrial settings.
The Tuffbench folding workbench folds flat for easy transport so is perfect for contractors or other workers when out and about. It can also be used on building sites where access, particularly to upper levels, might not always be easy.
The mobile Tuffbench is particularly suitable for mechanical and engineering contractors and combines secure storage with the ability to attach vices and other equipment. It can be used for heavy duty purposes and is perfect for larger tasks.


Q: Are there any other ways to use a mobile workbench?
A: Most mobile workbenches include storage of some sort. Those with multiple cupboards and drawers can be used as portable storage units for holding tools, parts or admin supplies. Combined with the capabilities to be used as overflow workspace as well, the versatility of these units makes them exceptional value for money.
Q: What other equipment is there for portable working?
A: For a light duty portable option, our range of folding tables offers the solution. All options can be used indoors or out and fold flat for easy storage. Suitable for temporary use in offices, warehouses, catering locations or anywhere that overflow work might be carried out.
For more information on mobile workbench options, please use Live Chat to contact one of our workbench specialists.

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