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Height Adjustable Workbenches

If the tasks undertaken at your workplace are varied, a height adjustable bench is well worth considering. Offering a flexible working space that can be used when seated or standing, they are a great way to future proof your purchase by ensuring it will be suitable for the task even if it changes.
These benches are particularly useful in areas where workers often stand as they allow them to change their position preventing potential injuries. They also make working with large items easier as projects can be placed at an appropriate height for comfortable operation.

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Buying Guide

The adjustable nature of benches that can be made higher or lower has many benefits. One of the biggest occupational health issues for workers is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These are often caused by staying in the same position for extended periods of time or carrying out regularly repeated motions and generally manifest themselves as pain in the shoulder, neck and back. Every year a large number of working days are lost due to absences relating to MSDs.
One of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is to look at workstation design with a view to preventing contributing motions such as stretching, twisting and lifting heavy items unnecessarily. As well as ensuring work areas are designed ergonomically to ensure good posture, having a height adjustable work surface can make a big impact on the comfort of users.
By allowing work to be carried out whether seated or standing, height adjustable benches can break work cycles and prevent workers from performing the same movements over and over again.


Q: Where and when should I use a height adjustable workbench?
A: Height adjustable benches really can be used anywhere and are worth considering any time a bench might be purchased. Adjustable benches are also a good idea when multiple users such as shift workers will be sharing a space as they can be temporarily changed to suit.
They are perfect in areas such as assembly lines or packing stations as they can be set at the appropriate height for the individual user.
Q: What bench types are available?
A: Most height adjustable workbenches use a cantilever framework which has two legs and supports which counterbalance the worktop and any load. This gives plenty of room under the bench for storage or to allow users to move sideways from bench to bench whilst seated. In order to raise or lower benches of this type a hand crank mechanism is employed. This provides flexible movement within the useable range.
The other type of height adjustable bench that can be supplied is a basic framework style that has four legs and a work surface. These can be changed to a selection of preset heights.
Height adjustable workbenches are just one way to streamline operations in your warehouse or production areas, to find out about other ways visit Welco Projects

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