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Electrostatic Dissipative Workbenches

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) workbenches are perfect for those working within electrical or electronics industries. Their ability to dissipate electrical charges will protect against the destruction of electronic components, wiping of magnetic media and even fires and explosions. They are particularly useful for those working with information technology, medical devices or electrical appliances for manufacture or maintenance.
ESD workbenches are also worth considering for general purpose applications. With similar properties and specifications to many standard workbenches, an ESD solution will add peace of mind when working in industrial locations with electronics or machinery nearby.

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Electrical charges are built up in people or other conductive items through day to day activities such as walking on carpets. Once sufficiently built up, this charge can flow off as electrostatic discharge when conductive items come into contact. Although this is generally harmless, it can damage electrical components making them develop faults or stop working altogether. This can be quite costly in terms of both finances and time taken to rectify the problem.
Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) workbenches have a range of features that prevent this charge from being built up, including specially formulated work surfaces, wrist straps and earth/ground leads.
In any industry where electrical circuitry is likely to be worked on ESD workbenches are vital; this includes aerospace, automotive and medical. In electronics locations, even packing and despatch stations should ideally be constructed using ESD materials.


Q: What electrostatic dissipative worktops are available?
A: Specialist worktops for ESD benches come in 2 forms.
Norastat® is made from rubber and offers excellent conductive and dissipative properties. It is wear and heat resistant and is able to withstand most chemicals. It will also provide a small amount of grip so is particularly useful for larger items.
Lamstat is constructed using plastic laminate coating. It has similar properties to Norastat®, but provides a harder impact-resistant surface. It’s easy to clean and maintain and resilient against boiling water, chemicals, oils and weak acids.
Q: How can I tailor my workbench to my needs?
A: ESD workbenches are available with several add-ons.
Storage cupboards and drawers can be attached to the underside of the worktop to provide useful space for holding tools, paperwork and valuables.
Additionally, louvre panels and shelves can be fitted above the worktop to provide eye-level storage for small parts and other regularly used items.
Electrical components such as service panels with an insulation strip and fluorescent lights can also be added to the bench frame.
To find out more about electrostatic discharge and the various ways to combat it, click on Live Chat to speak with one of our technical sales representatives.

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