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Stainless Steel Tables

If your workplace deals with food preparation, medical services or any other application where hygiene is important, a stainless steel table is ideal. With simple yet sturdy construction and removable parts they are easy to clean and maintain and will ensure the highest standards are met.
Storage options including cupboards and drawers take the basic table and turn them into desks suitable for use in clean rooms in the pharmaceutical or electronics sectors. Stainless Steel Tables are also a good choice for laboratories, research centres and education establishments.

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Stainless steel tables utilise a simple framework design with four legs and a work surface. In addition to this, they also have a lower cross brace to increase stability and provide a solid working area. Although they can be used just about anywhere, they are especially suited to locations where hygiene and the bench’s ability to promote cleanliness are of utmost importance. This includes food preparation areas and kitchens, as well as medical centres, hospitals and veterinary surgeries.
Tables can be supplied with a lower shelf which provides additional storage space for larger items such as boxes, bottles and crates. A drawer or lockable cupboard can be fitted to the underside of the table to provide storage space for items such as paperwork, stationery or utensils.
Upper shelves can be placed above the work surface in either one or two tier configurations. These are incredibly useful for maximising the working area of the table and provide a place to keep regularly used items so they are always to hand.


Q: Why use stainless steel?
A: Stainless steel is used regularly in the manufacture of cookware, cutlery and other kitchen-grade products thanks to its excellent anti-rust properties. It is also corrosion, acid and stain resistant ensuring a clean, well-kept appearance is maintained. Usefully for food preparation areas, stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat making the use of hot items safer than they might be otherwise.
Because of its durability and resistance to outside influences, stainless steel can be steam cleaned and sterilised with ease to provide a germ-free working environment.
Q: Where else might I need a stainless steel table?
A: If your facility has a requirement for a “clean room” which must be free of dust, chemical vapours and other particles; stainless steel tables are an effective way of achieving this standard. Their ability to be cleaned easily, combined with the naturally resistant properties of stainless steel, make them ideal for manufacturing, electrical and research locations.
Welco can offer a complete solution for those requiring hygienic workspace including a clean room creation service, for more information please click on Live Chat to discuss how our projects service might work for you.

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