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Specialist Workbenches

If the tasks you regularly carry out vary from day to day or require a particular type of working then a specialist workbench might be the best option. They include hardwearing work surfaces suitable for everyday use, but also offer a level of flexibility that other benches don’t.

Several workbenches in this category are highly-adaptable utilising either adjustable legs or castors to allow users to tailor their workspace to their individual needs. Also included are electrostatic dissipative (ESD) workbenches for use in electrical environments and workshop workstations which bring the office environment into the workshop.

Specialist Workbenches are a great choice for start-up or seasonal businesses where needs change regularly. They are also useful for creating additional work areas in fully fitted environments thanks to their “hot desk” potential.

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Buying Guide

There are various types of specialist workbench available.

Height Adjustable Workbenches are the most prevalent type of bench within this category. Correct workbench height is critical to the smooth operation of your business as well as user wellbeing as it prevents bending and overreaching. Height adjustable workbenches are perfect for users that share working space, such as shift workers or those on assembly lines. They can also be used when seated or standing up so are a good choice when working on a variety of projects throughout the day is likely.

  • Light Duty Workbenches are especially suited to maintenance areas and workshops where large or small repairs might be carried out.

  • Bewdley Premier Height Adjustable Workbenches can be fitted with a range of storage options, service panels and lighting to provide a fully kitted out workspace suitable for all applications.

  • Most height adjustable workbenches utilise a hand crank mechanism allowing complete flexibility of movement within a certain range.

    Mobile Workbenches feature castors allowing them to move from place to place. They are particularly useful in larger spaces such as warehouses and farm buildings or in vehicle maintenance areas where work can’t be moved. They can also be used as “work in progress” benches allowing incomplete work to be stored away and then brought out as required. Mobile workbenches are available in standard or heavy duty and can be fitted with cupboards, shelves and drawers to form a complete work/storage solution. Also included in this category are folding workbenches. They can be used anywhere, including outdoors, and are useful for temporary workers or as “pop up” workstations.

    Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Workbenches are specifically designed to provide control of static within production environments. With a range of features including special worktop finishes and wrist strap sockets, they are particularly suited for electronics work or other electrical applications. The Edgbaston and Sutton ranges are supplied in component form and can be customised with the addition of storage units and service panels.

    Workshop Workstations are generally smaller than a traditional workbench so are ideal for compact spaces. They can be fitted with a flat top to allow for light industrial use or a sloping top suitable for administration work or laptops. All feature storage in the form of an under bench cabinet, with shelves or perforated backboards available as an optional extra. The make superb supervisors’ stations or goods in desks and can be used as mini offices in industrial locations.

    Stainless Steel Tables are suitable for clean rooms or other areas where hygiene is of particular importance. They can be used in a variety of workplaces including kitchens and food preparation areas; medical environments such as laboratories, hospitals or surgeries; and chemical manufacturing locations. Extra storage in the form of shelves, cupboards and drawers can be added as required.


    Q: Why choose a specialist workbench?

    A: A workbench is possibly the most important piece of furniture you will buy for your workplace so it’s important to look at all aspects of a bench’s functionality.
    When choosing a workbench there are several things to consider, such as your working environment and any potential applications; but it’s also a good idea to think about the future of your business.
    Flexible workbenches such as those that can move from location to location or adjust to fit varying types of work are an ideal way of future proofing your purchase. They will be ready to change as your business does making specialist workbenches possibly the most cost-effective bench type available.

    Furthermore some workbenches of this type are produced with specific tasks in mind. If you work in a specialised industry or even consider that a workbench might not be required, there is likely a specialist workbench that would work for you.

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