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Parade Heavy Duty Storage Benches

Parade Heavy Duty Storage Benches could be described as the ultimate storage/workbench combination. Not only do they feature a vast array of options, the benches themselves are amongst the strongest on offer and are constructed from high quality materials throughout.

The amount of flexibility offered by the various tailoring options makes this range of benches suitable for just about any application, however they are especially suited to engineering, mechanical and production uses. Benches can accommodate tooling and testing equipment, and with their heavy-duty status are an ideal choice when working with larger items.

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Buying Guide

Although a workbench’s primary function is to be used for carrying out work tasks such as manufacturing and maintenance, the benefits of having integrated storage within its framework is an important element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having storage as part of your bench eliminates clutter and wasted time, both are in line with LEAN principles and other similar working methods. Utilising storage that is part of your bench also minimises trips across your workplace speeding up production time and minimising the risk of an accident whilst working.

Storage Options

As you might expect from a range of workbenches that puts storage front and centre, the selection of available options is vast.

Under bench storage can be added in the form of lockable cabinets. These feature cupboards, drawers or a combination of both.

Drawer units can be supplied with 3, 4 or 5 drawers suitable for storing useful items such as stationery, paperwork and hand tools. The 3 drawer cabinet has a large drawer that can be used for filing.

The single cupboard unit features an internal shelf and can hold larger components, power tools or other supplies. A combination unit that includes 2 drawers and a small cupboard offers the best of both worlds and is a good choice if only one unit is to be added.

Drawers can be divided using Hyslide drawer dividers. Please click on Live Chat for more information.

Lower and upper shelves can be added to further increase the bench’s storage capacity. These have the additional benefit of allowing items to be located quickly and easily.

Rear panels can also be attached. Louvre panels hold plastic storage bins suitable for storing small components, stationery and packing items. Bins can be colour co-ordinated to keep like items together. Tool panels are also available – these can be fitted with hooks to keep commonly used tools within arm’s reach. Both options also include an integrated notice board.


Q: What other options are available?

A: Fluorescent lights and electrical service panels can be added to your bench. Overhead lighting can be especially important when working in areas without natural daylight, such as warehouses and maintenance rooms. Service panels eliminate the need for trailing wires when using power tools or diagnostic equipment.

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