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Heavy Duty Modular Bench System

If your workload is likely to increase or you would simply like the flexibility to add to your workbenches in the future, our modular bench system is ideal.

Start with a generously-proportioned basic bench and then add to it as required to create a run or pod of benches suitable for use by several workers at one time. Additionally, storage in the form of shelves, cupboards and drawer units can be added allowing regularly used items to be kept close at hand.

The modular bench system can be configured to suit all applications and locations.

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Buying Guide

There are many advantages to using a modular bench system beyond its obvious ability to be added to and expanded as necessary. For example, by using a collection of workbenches that is constructed to fit together in multiple ways you have the flexibility to alter their configuration to suit changes in premises or processes, regardless of whether you add extra units or not.

They are also a good option in busy locations as multiple users can work at one pod simultaneously. This is perfect for assembly lines, production areas or packing stations.

Their larger size also makes these workbenches a great value-for-money option. For a fraction of the price, one single bench can effectively provide the same amount of work space as four standard-sized benches.

With heavy duty capabilities and one of our most generous uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacities, these benches are perfect for larger engineering jobs, garages, workshops and a host of other tasks and locations.


Q: What else do I need to know about heavy duty modular benches?

A: Basic benches utilise the framework bench style comprising a simple structure of worktop and 4 legs. For increased storage and stability, a version with a lower shelf made of MDF is also available. Extensions can also be purchased separately to increase the surface area of the original bench.

Storage can be added in the form of double-sided shelving units. These can be fixed across the width of the workbench to create two workspaces either side.

Also available are a selection of under bench cupboards and drawers units, as well as tool rails and lighting that can be attached above the bench to increase their functionality further.

Finally, service ducts and 13 amp sockets can be added to allow for easy use of power tools and other small electrical items.

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