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Cubio Workbenches

The Bott Cubio range offers the ultimate in heavy duty workbench design. Featuring three different styles – framework, pedestal and storage, workbenches can be used as a standalone piece or as part of a larger run combining elements from the whole Cubio range.

They can be static, height adjustable or mobile and offer reliable, flexible workspace in any environment. With an increased load capacity, Bott Cubio Workbenches are a built to last and ready for anything.

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Buying Guide

There are a number of ways in which your workbench can be modified to suit your application.

As well as offering standard Lino and multiplex worktops, Bott can also supply industry specific options such as laboratory-grade Phenol which is resistant to chemicals, steel clad tops for welding or soldering environments and ESD laminate which provides a conductive work surface with high abrasion, impact and fluid resistance.

Several workbench types are available as mobile options utilising braked castors instead of feet. Mobile workbenches are particularly useful in larger areas such as garages or engineering locations where tasks can’t be moved easily.

Height adjustable legs can be added to storage benches allowing users to work when sitting or standing. They are useful when tasks are performed seasonally or change regularly.

Back and end Bott Perfo or louvre panels can also be added. These can be used to store tools within arm’s reach whilst keeping work surfaces clear and clutter-free.

Over bench lighting can be added to increase visibility. This is particularly helpful if the bench is to be situated in a location with minimal sunlight, such as a warehouse. Also, service ducts containing electrical outlets can be fitted. This is worth considering if the bench will be part of a larger run.

Workbenches can be combined with Bott Cubio cupboards and cabinets to create a complete storage system.


Q: What technical information do I need to know?

A: When comparing Bott Cubio workbenches to other options you should bear in mind the following specifications:

  • Epoxy-coated steel construction gives up to 1 tonne total UDL capacity

  • Worktops are a sturdy 40mm thick prolonging the life of the bench

  • Custom shaped worktops can be produced to create runs of benches within your workplace

  • Fully extending drawers feature heavy duty UDL capacities of up to 200kg

  • 10 year extended guarantee as standard

  • For more information on Bott Cubio workbenches and how they can transform your workplace; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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