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Bartley Steel Heavy Duty Benches

Bartley Steel Heavy Duty Benches are a fantastic choice when looking for an all-purpose workbench. With a generous 1200kg safe working load (SWL); they are perfect for use in industries such as engineering and manufacturing. Their substantial design and fully welded construction make them suitable for regular daily use wherever and whenever required.

Benches are available with a range of factory fitted storage options including shelves louvre panels and lockable drawer and cupboard units. It’s also possible to create a fully enclosed storage bench by adding sliding doors, a mid-height shelf and external cladding.

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Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a heavy duty solution Bartley Steel benches are well worth considering. They are a smart choice for many industry types and applications thanks to the basic bench’s ability to be tailored to varying requirements.

The standard bench is built to last with fully welded joints and powder coated framework providing a solid foundation upon which to build. It can be used effectively, either on its own or as part of a run of benches, for maintenance or workshop applications thanks to its heavy duty capabilities.


Q: How can I tailor a Bartley Steel bench to suite my needs?
A: There are many ways to customise a Bartley Steel workbench, including one of the largest ranges of worktop options available.

· The most cost-effective of these is steel plate. It’s a no-nonsense, heat-resistant option that is easy to clean and will withstand just about anything from accidental knocks to water and chemicals.
· Beech ply worktops are not only hardwearing, but also look good; which is useful if the bench is to be placed in a customer-facing area such as a reception. It is a superb all-round option.
· Linoleum and laminate faced worktops are easy to maintain and offer excellent resistance to a variety of products including liquids, oils acids and other chemicals. They are worth considering if the bench is to be used for engineering or mechanics or situated in laboratories or education facilities.

Storage can be factory fitted either above or below the worktop to increase the functionality of your bench. Drawers and cupboards can be fixed underneath the work surface to store regularly used items, such as stationery and larger component parts. All options are fully lockable to allow valuables such as tools or keys to be held securely when not in use. Lower shelves not only offer additional storage for larger items, they also provide additional leg support for the bench.

Retaining lips can be attached to the worktop to prevent small items such as screws, nuts and bolts from rolling away and being lost. This allows work to be carried out with a minimum of fuss.

Finally, benches can be converted into heavy duty storage cabinets with the addition of sliding doors, cladding and internal shelves. For more information on these modifications and other ways to tailor your workbench, please click on Live Chat to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer sales specialists.

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