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Heavy Duty Workbenches

If your workbench is going to be regularly used for industrial applications then it might be worth considering a heavy duty option. These are made from strong, durable materials and are capable of holding large loads. They are particularly suitable for mechanical, storage or manufacturing uses.

Heavy Duty Workbenches are often more generously sized than their standard counterparts. This additional space makes them perfect for working on large scale projects or those that require the use of full-size plans or blueprints.

Many options include storage as standard or can be modified to include drawers, shelves, cabinets and panels creating a complete workspace solution.

A heavy duty workbench is the smart choice if you work in areas where resilience and durability are likely to be key factors. They are robust and reliable and can withstand the rigours of daily industrial use.

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Buying Guide

Heavy duty workbenches come in three main designs.

The first of these is framework style and features a basic construction consisting of 4 legs attached to a work surface. Under bench storage can be added and service panels and lighting can also be fitted.

Storage workbenches feature integral cupboards, shelves and drawer cabinets. Although under bench space is restricted, this style is perfect for workers who need quick access to components or other items.

Modular workbenches are similar in style to framework benches, but are specifically designed to be added to as requirements change or your business grows. They are height adjustable and can be joined together to form a run of benches. Shelves, service ducts and electrical sockets can be added to tailor this system to your particular needs.

Workbench construction is perhaps more important for heavy duty benches than any other type. To achieve a high UDL figure materials will be specially selected for their strength and durability.
Heavy duty workbench frames are usually manufactured from higher density steel than their general purpose counterparts and often feature additional brackets, beams and supports. Frames are also welded to provide increased stability and produce a sturdy finish.

Several work surface options are available to suit your application:
Birch ply is super strong thanks to its resin-bonded, layered construction. When benches are likely to be used for a variety of functions this is a good all round option.

Laminate or veneer faced worktops are particularly suitable in areas where cleanliness is important such as laboratories, food preparation areas and workshops. It features high levels of abrasion and impact resistance and is also resilient against water, oils and chemicals.

Linoleum or vinyl cladded work surfaces are highly resistant to spillages of all types, including mild acids. Thanks to its easy-clean properties Linoleum is particularly useful in storage or assembly areas.

Steel-plated hardwood tops are extremely strong and are ideal for engineering environments. They are also perfect when working with hot items in workshops and garages.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a good choice for workbenches that are to be used as packing tables or for storage. It’s a no-fuss option that is incredibly strong and offers great value for money.

Solid beech worktops look smart and give a professional finish making them ideal for use in customer facing environments. They are suitable for most applications and offer excellent resistance to oils, water, acids and chemicals.


Q: Why Choose a Heavy Duty Workbench?

A: When buying a workbench there are several important aspects to consider.

One of the most obvious factors to take into account is workbench placement. A heavy duty bench is a good choice for industrial applications as it will be strong enough to handle just about anything that might come its way. In areas where large machinery and equipment are present or footfall is likely to be high, a heavy duty bench will provide the level of reliability required for everyday use.

The potential applications of your workbench are also important to consider. It can be useful to write a list of possible uses for your bench based on current work undertaken and any likely functions in the future. A workbench is a real investment in your business so getting this right can avoid a costly mistake.

A heavy duty workbench is ideal as:
An engineering table for working on items such as motors
A maintenance station in garages, workshops or agricultural sites
A packing station for oversized goods
A woodworking or upholstery bench

Think about whether a heavy duty workbench and its increased support would make your daily tasks easier to carry out.

The final element of workbench usage to contemplate is the users themselves. A heavy duty bench will allow workers to carry out their duties safely and securely. Make sure you take into account whether the bench will be used whilst sitting or standing. Also think about the need for integrated storage that will enable users to streamline their work.

Q: What is UDL?

A: Simply put UDL or Uniformly Distributed Load is the weight rating of a piece of furniture. It is calculated during the design and prototype stages of manufacture and gives the user a guide to the capabilities of the item in question. The higher the UDL the heavier duty the product is.
The figure indicates the maximum weight a workbench can manage when it is split evenly across the worktop. To aid stability, no one area on the bench should be expected to carry significantly more weight than any other.
Whilst it can be difficult to work out which UDL capacity would match your particular needs, buying the workbench that best suits your requirements with the highest UDL possible is always a good idea.

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