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Welfix General Purpose Benches

Welfix workbenches are a smart, all-round option suitable for everyday operation. Featuring super-strong square tube construction and cross braces for additional support, they have a safe working load of 250kg.

When choosing a workbench it’s important to consider its uses carefully. One of the best features of the Welfix range is its ability to be tailored to your specific requirements. Electrical service panels make the use of power tools simple, while storage can be incorporated thanks to shelving, cupboards and cabinets or louvre panels. For a simple-to-use, bespoke workplace solution Welfix workbenches are hard to beat.

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Buying Guide

Welfix workbenches are ideal for a multitude of uses. Basic benches are an easy and cost-effective way to fit out an entire workshop. Whole runs can be put together quickly with a minimum of fuss. With simple clean lines and smart stylish finishes, Welfix Workbenches are an ideal way to start kitting out your workplace.

As part of a modular system, the basic bench can also be transformed from an “off the shelf” option to a completely tailored workplace solution.

Cupboards and drawer cabinets are perfect for adding secure storage. With simple single-lock operation, valuables such as tools and paperwork can be protected from loss or theft.

Other storage options include upper and lower shelves and louvre panels suitable for providing easy access to small parts and components.

Electrical elements such as service panels and fluorescent lighting can also be integrated into the basic structure. Service panels are particularly useful in runs of benches where access to walls might be obscured. They also protect against accidental trips and falls by reducing the need for trailing cables. Lighting is a great addition in larger spaces where daylight might not be readily available or for manufacturing sites where close up work is undertaken.

Additional elements can be purchased individually so you can create your perfect workbench. Alternatively, several kits are available with up to nine accessories included. These take the most commonly used workbench add-ons and package them up to make ordering easy.


Q: What other options are available?

A: To personalise your workbench further, cupboard and drawer fronts can be provided in red, blue or green.

Additionally, a range of worktop finishes suiting all applications is available.

· Melamine-faced chipboard is fantastic value for money and provides a good, solid foundation from which to work. It is hard-wearing, resistant to knocks and bumps and perfect for light industrial, assembly or office use.

· Linoleum-covered worktops are particularly useful in manufacturing or laboratory environments. With good resistance to water, oils, acids and chemicals they are durable and easy to clean.

· Laminate worktops are a smart all-round option. Highly durable and easy to maintain, they are impact resistant and can withstand almost anything. Ideal for general-purpose use just about anywhere.

For more information on selecting the right workbench for you, click on Live Chat to speak to one of our knowledgeable workplace solutions specialists.

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