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Verso Workbenches

Bott Verso Workbenches come in a variety of styles to suit all applications. They feature a maximum 600kg UDL capacity and are topped by a 25 or 30mm thick work surface.

Framework and cantilever benches utilise a simple frame and worktop construction. These bench styles are perfect for the addition of storage and a range of cabinets is available. Storage and pedestal workbenches include lockable drawers and cupboards that ensure tools and components are secure when not in use. Welded benches feature a heavy duty steel frame with full-depth base shelf for increased rigidity.

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Buying Guide

As well as being available in a choice of styles and sizes, Bott Verso workbenches have a range of options to create the ideal piece of kit for you and your workplace.

The most obvious way to amend a workbench is by changing the worktop. Choose from general purpose beech multiplex or Lino covered particle board, or select a specialist surface such as electrostatic dissipative laminate.

For framework or cantilever benches storage can be added by way of suspended cabinets that fit under the bench. Featuring a combination of drawers and/or cupboards there is a cabinet for all applications.

Bott Perfo or Louvre panels can be affixed to benches to keep small parts and tools separate whilst still within easy reach. They also have the added benefit of allowing work surfaces to be clear and clutter free.

Lighting can also be integrated into the bench if it is to be situated in areas with minimal daylight such as warehouses and workshops or for close up work with small items.

Welded benches can be fitted with castors to form trolleys suitable for transporting larger items or creating additional workspace when needed.


Q: What technical information do I need to know?

A: The following specifications are useful to remember when choosing a Bott Verso bench

  • Benches hold a maximum UDL capacity of 600kg – ideal for use in garages or maintenance areas

  • Robust epoxy-coated construction ensures workbenches are ready for anything

  • 30mm thick worktops supplied on most workbench models - suitable for effective, everyday use

  • Fixed and adjustable-height legs are available for most bench frames

  • Drawers extend fully and utilise 100% of their depth for storage, eliminating wasted space

  • For alternative sizes, finishes and storage options for Bott Verso workbenches; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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