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Quinton Workbenches

If you’re looking for a “no fuss” work and storage solution for an industrial location, Quinton Workbenches are hard to beat. Equally at home in workshops, production plants or engineering sites they can be used as maintenance benches, packing stations or assembly units.

Their simple construction means that they can be assembled and disassembled using only a rubber mallet. This makes them a smart choice for locations that might require temporary working areas, but need something stronger. It also means a whole workspace can be kitted out in less than a day, avoiding prolonged spells of downtime.

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Buying Guide

Quinton workbenches are practical, cost-effective and ready for just about anything. With a uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity higher than many other general duty workbench options, they are ideally suited to industrial locations, such as workshops and garages.

Workbenches within this range are amongst the best value available making them perfect for areas where several benches are required. They can also be combined with Quinton shelving to offer a complete solution for warehouses and storage areas. This is particularly good for small or medium warehouses where picking and packing stations are required. The full Quinton range allows for a cohesive look to be achieved without breaking the bank.

Benches are supplied in kit form for easy delivery. Their tap-together design means that anyone can assemble a bench in a matter of minutes with nothing more than a rubber mallet.


Q: What bench types are available in the Quinton range?

A: The basic Quinton bench is supplied with a T-bar that offers increased stability
Alternatively, the following options are available:
  • A version with a lower shelf for additional storage is also available.

  • A half shelf option combines the ability of the basic bench to let users work whilst seated with the extra storage of other bench types.

  • Benches with upper shelves can also be purchased to increase functionality. These allow the full worktop area to be used for performing tasks rather than storage, by moving clutter off the bench itself. This can be especially useful for storing tools, stationery and paperwork.

  • A bench with a louvre panel is also available. These allow storage containers holding small components or other regularly used items to be kept close at hand.

  • Finally, small side benches are perfect for holding tools and other supplies or performing light tasks.

    Q: What materials are used?

    A: Work uprights and beams are constructed from steel for increased strength and durability. This is coated for added protection.

    Work surfaces and shelves are made of 18mm Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)® certified chipboard which is hardwearing, rigid and strong.

    FSC® certification ensures wood is sourced from well managed forests that focus on sustainability and social and economic benefits.

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