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Hytech Cantilever Benches

Cantilever benches have two legs rather than four. This makes them ideal for locations where runs of workbenches are required as they allow users to move from bench to bench without leaving their seat. This is particularly suitable for manufacturing and production lines, but equally useful for laboratories and workshops generally.

In addition to this, Hytech Cantilever Benches offer fantastic value for money and can be tailored with additional elements to suit your requirements.

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Buying Guide

Hytech cantilever workbenches are a superb option when kitting out an entire work location. Their simple yet effective design means they can be almost infinitely adapted to suit your particular tasks. They fit well together to create runs of benches that give a clean, professional look even in workshops or industrial locations.

They have a safe working load of 250kg which is ample for general duties and most day-to-day functions.

The cantilever design offers increased legroom under the bench making it ideal for adding additional storage. Utilising what could otherwise be dead space, a range of under bench storage options including cupboards and drawer cabinets are available. These allow larger tools and other valuables to be locked away when not in use.

Work surfaces can be kept clear of clutter by adding louvre panels that hold small regularly used items such as component parts, hand tools and even stationery. Shelves can also be attached at two heights.

Electrical elements such as fluorescent lighting and service panels are also available.
Lighting is a good option to consider when the workbench will be situated in spaces without natural light, such as warehouses. Service panels are particularly useful when creating a run of benches that might block electrical outlets. Furthermore, they reduce trailing wires which are a trip hazard in the workplace.

Kits that include the most popular combinations of elements are available to make ordering for your location as simple as possible.


Q: How else can I tailor my bench to the work I carry out?

A: Hytech Workbenches can be supplied with a choice of different worktops to suit all applications.

A good all-round option is a linoleum covered top. It is cost-effective and easy to clean with excellent resistance to water, oils, acids and other chemicals. It is perfect for assembly, storage or other general duty areas.

A laminate worktop is ideal in spaces where impact resistance is essential. It is strong and tough enough to stand up to daily use in all environments and is resistant to boiling water, oils, weak acids and chemicals. It can be cleaned simply with warm water so is especially suited to industrial or maintenance applications.

For more information on the Hytech options available or to discuss creating bespoke runs, click on Live Chat to speak with one of our knowledgeable workplace solutions specialists.

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