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Economy Workbenches

If you need to kit out a large space or simply don’t have a huge budget to work with, our range of Economy Workbenches is perfect. Available in a several styles to suit any location, there is always a suitable option.

For industrial locations such as factories and warehouses there are chipboard and melamine topped benches that are strong, sturdy and reliable. If you’re looking for something a little smarter, the Bott economy range offers a high-quality finish, perfect for customer-facing locations or as industrial desks in schools, workshops or laboratories.

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Buying Guide

Economy workbenches offer a permanent storage/work solution for less than the price of most temporary alternatives. They are perfect for fitting out larger spaces where many benches are required or for locations where cost is a concern, such as start up businesses or education establishments.

Our range of Bott economy workbenches is proof positive that quality is achievable even on a budget. Every bench is constructed with the utmost of care to exacting standards. Each has been designed with a view to providing a well thought out, useful unit that can withstand the rigours of daily industrial use.

A selection of storage options is available to add functionality to your bench. All allow bench tops to be cleared of clutter providing a larger work surface and streamlining work processes. Cupboards and lower shelves are perfect for storing larger items or boxes, while upper shelves and drawers are perfect for small tools, components or stationery.


Q: Is there a drop in quality with economy workbenches over other types of bench?

A: Despite their economy status, the workbenches in this category are made with the same strong materials as other more expensive items

Several work surface options are available to suit all applications.

· Beech Multiplex (Mpx) is a fantastic all round option for general duty tasks. Constructed from resin bonded, hardwood beech it is incredibly durable and will stand up to just about anything. This is a good option when the look of the bench is important as it gives a professional finish suitable for use in offices or other non-industrial sites.
· High-density chipboard is perfect for use in locations where strength and durability are key. Providing a generous uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity, this surface is ideal for use in engineering, storage or packing areas. It will provide a solid, stable foundation for a variety of tasks, including general maintenance or woodworking.
· Melamine-faced chipboard benches offer the same strength and durability as the standard variety, but are easy to clean and resistant to water, oils, chemicals and weak acids. It’s suitable for use in garages, engineering locations and even in kitchens or catering areas.
Bench uprights and supports are constructed from steel which is lightweight yet strong. Coated for extra protection, a steel frame will last and last if cared for properly.

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