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Verso Cupboards

The Bott Verso range of cupboards has a storage solution to fit all environments. A selection of door types means they can be used for storing just about anything and situated almost anywhere. Kitted cupboards and mini workshops are ideal when floor space is at a premium as they combine flexible storage with a work area suitable for a myriad of tasks.

As part of the larger Bott Verso range, cupboards can be used in conjunction with matching cabinets, workbenches and Perfo panels to create a bespoke storage system tailored to your workplace.

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900 x 1050 x 550 mm(1)
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900 x 500 x 550 mm(1)
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900 x 525 x 550 mm(1)
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Why Choose a Bott Verso Cupboard?

Cupboards are an integral part of any storage system, but the Bott Verso range takes basic functionality and expands it to create a solution that goes way beyond simply having somewhere to put stuff. Whilst standard cupboards with hinged doors and simple shelves are available, there are a number of modifications that can be made to increase functionality and capacity, such as internal drawers and compartments.

Door Types

Reinforced hinged doors are the standard choice for most cupboards. They are strong, durable and fitted with 3-point locks to ensure items are protected.

Ventilated doors allow stored goods to air or dry out. Particularly useful for personal protective wear such as high-visibility jackets or helmets, they are also suitable for storing cleaning or site and facilities equipment.

Roller shutter doors give cupboards a smaller footprint than they would have with hinged options. They are ideal for areas such as hallways or corners where space is tight.

Cupboard Styles

Wall cupboards help increase the storage footprint in your workplace by essentially doubling the space available. They are perfect placed over Bott Verso workbenches or trolleys.

Kitted cupboards feature internal drawers for versatile storage meaning large items can be kept in the same location as small components or tools – ideal for light repairs, small engineering jobs or even as a dispatch station.

The addition of an integrated work surface and storage panel turns a kitted cupboard into a mini workshop providing all the functionality of a full-sized maintenance area in the space of a simple cupboard. They are great in offices or customer-facing areas as tools and work in progress can be shut away from view.

Technical Information

  • Galvanised steel shelves have a 50kg UDL capacity – enough to hold almost anything

  • Worktops and anti-roll top trays increase functionality further

  • Cupboards are built from reinforced steel to withstand daily industrial use

  • Internal drawers feature a 50kg UDL capacity and full height pans

  • To find out more information on the various door styles or learn more about ways to customise Bott Cubio cupboards; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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