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Verso Cabinets

Bott Verso drawer cabinets are compact and offer maximum storage for minimum floor space. With a choice of configurations and optional extras, such as worktops and drawer dividers, they can transform your workplace in seconds. As part of the modular Bott Verso range, cabinets are combinable with other items such as workbenches and cupboards to create a smart, fully-fitted work environment.

Mobile cabinets allow stored items to be transported within your workplace and provide flexible storage wherever it’s required.

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Why Choose a Bott Verso Cabinet?

As part of one of the most flexible storage systems on the market, Bott Verso cabinets can be used for an almost endless list of possible applications. They can be supplied with cupboards, drawers or a combination of both and with a vast range of height, widths and depths available, there is always a cabinet to suit your requirements.

Optional Extras

Aside from offering a selection of storage configurations, there are several other ways Bott Verso cabinets can be tailored to your needs.

Drawer dividers can be fitted to allow tools and components to be sorted making rummaging around looking for an elusive item a thing of the past. Mats can also be added to prevent valuable equipment from moving within the drawer.

Increase functionality by adding a work surface to the top of your cabinet. A simple top tray with 3-sided upstands and an inlaid mat is a great value way to protect your cabinet from damage and provide a non-slip surface. Beech Multiplex or Lino worktops create additional workspace for carrying out general tasks - ideal for small spaces. Finally, lectern tops can be used for admin or IT work turning cabinets into supervisor’s stations or goods in/out departments.

Mobile cabinets can be created by attaching castors to the underside of the unit. When combined with a worktop these are ideal as maintenance trolleys or as storage in large spaces where goods need to be moved from place to place.

Technical Information

  • Cabinets are constructed from reinforced epoxy-coated steel to provide a solid, industrial-grade storage solution

  • Drawers open to 100% of their depth and feature full height drawer pans making use of every possible millimetre of space

  • Standard drawers have a 50kg UDL capacity and run on roller bearing slides for easy operation

  • Integrated handles are ergonomically designed to give a flush finish

  • All draw stacks feature central locking to protect valuables from loss or theft

  • Mobile cabinets feature trigger locks preventing drawers from opening during transit and a top tray with inlaid mat is supplied as standard

  • For additional sizes, colours and options or to find out more about the Bott Verso range; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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