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Cubio Cupboards

Heavy duty Bott Cubio Cupboards can be kitted with drawers, shelves, storage panels and a worktop – perfect for areas where space is limited. Choose from a variety of lockable door options to suit your needs. Panel lined doors provide additional storage for tools and other regularly used items; roller shutters allow cupboards to be situated in tight spaces; and window panelled doors provide an instant visual check on contents. Scuff resistant shelves have a sturdy 100 or 160kg capacity and will support even the heaviest workshop items.

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Why Choose Bott Cubio Cupboards?

If you’re looking for space-saving storage then a Bott Cubio cupboard has everything you need. By extending upwards cupboards can make full use of a smaller footprint making them a superb choice for tight spaces. They are perfect for storing bulkier items such as boxes, large parts and bottles. With heavy duty capabilities, Bott Cubio cupboards can easily accommodate substantial loads.

Door Types

Bott cupboards can be supplied with a choice of door types to suit all applications and locations.

Standard hinged doors are fitted with internal Bott Perfo panels. Not only does this increase the storage capacity of the cupboard by utilising dead space, it also allows items such as tools or consumables to be stored securely where they are most needed.

Sliding or up-and-over roller shutter doors are perfect for small spaces such as corridors, gangways or supply rooms. Both options are fully lockable providing a secure alternative to open shelving.

Window-panelled doors enable quick visual checks of stored items to be performed. They make keeping track of stock levels or checking whether tools have been returned at the end of a shift easy and efficient.

Mini Workshops

As the ultimate in space-saving storage, a Bott Cubio - Mini Workshop will provide a selection of the best features from the entire Bott Cubio range in one handy unit. Cupboards are lined with Bott Perfo panels to keep tools within arm’s reach and also contain a selection of drawers and open shelving. This is finished off with an internal worktop giving users space to perform day to day tasks such as small repairs. Once work is completed the doors can be closed and the workshop is hidden away - ideal for offices or small maintenance areas.

Optional Extras

A vast array of add-ons is available for Bott Cubio cupboards.
Additional shelves come in either standard or sliding formats. Sliding shelves can be handy for occasional IT use or to make heavy lifting easier.
Louvre and Bott Perfo panels can be added to the back of any cupboard along with matching hooks and storage bins so small parts and tools to be stored in an orderly manner.
For cupboards that include internal drawers, dividers can be fitted to help keep stored items organised. With multiple configurations possible there is an option to suit all applications.

Technical Information

  • Cupboards manufactured from reinforced steel for a total capacity of up to 1 tonne

  • Fully lockable doors keep stored items safe and secure and prevent loss or theft

  • Galvanised steel shelves feature either a heavy duty 100kg or extra heavy duty 160kg UDL capacity

  • Internal drawers operate on 100% extension roller bearing slides and have a 75kg UDL capacity

  • 10 year extended guarantee as standard

  • Bott Cubio cupboards can be customised with a range of internal components or produced to house waste bins, power or fluid supply reels; to find out more please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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