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Cubio Cabinets

Utilise every millimetre of space within your workplace with a Bott cabinet.

The wide variety of footprints ensures there is a model to fit your location. A selection of drawer sizes is available and each can then be sub-divided to suit your requirements. With 100% extension, you have access to the full drawer depth with no waste – a primary LEAN message.

Used in education, engineering and aerospace locations, Cubio Cabinets are part of a modular system allowing you to create a bespoke workshop from standard components.

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Why Choose Bott Cubio Cabinets?

Bott Cubio cabinets are perfect for storing tools, small parts and other regularly used items such as stationery or paperwork. Available in a wide range of heights and widths, they can go just about anywhere that additional storage is required. They are useful as standalone pieces or combined with Cubio Cupboards and Cubio Workbenches to create a fully fitted storage solution.

Optional Extras

There are several ways to customise your Bott Cubio cabinet.

Perhaps the simplest is the addition of drawer dividers which allow goods to be separated whilst stored. Constructed from metal or plastic in a range of configurations, they are ideal for nuts, bolts and other small components.

Worktops can also be affixed to cabinets to create additional workspace. Wider cabinets with worktops can even be used as reception desks in customer facing environments.

The addition of castors provides quick and easy manoeuvrability, turning your cabinet into a trolley suitable for transporting goods from place to place. When combined with a worktop, a mobile cabinet can be extremely useful in locations such as garages where it’s often easier to take the user to the work.

Other optional extras such as Bott Perfo panels or fork lift bases can be supplied on request.

Technical Information

  • Reinforced, epoxy-coated steel construction provides a total capacity of up to 1 tonne

  • Standard drawers feature a 75kg UDL capacity; with 200kg UDL drawers available as an extra heavy duty option

  • Cabinets have a blocking mechanism installed preventing more than one drawer opening at a time

  • All drawers run on 100% extension roller bearing slides giving full access to stored goods

  • Units are fully lockable. Master, group and traceable electronic locking systems can be fitted as required

  • All cabinets supplied with a 10 year extended guarantee

  • To find out more about the full range of Bott Cubio cabinets including additional sizes and configurations as well as a selection of add-ons to increase functionality; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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