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Perfo Storage System

The Bott Perfo range includes storage panels, hook and bin kits and wall-mounted cupboards. Whether used as a standalone item or as part of a complete Bott storage system, Perfo panels are the ultimate way to store small components or tools.

The Bott Perfo system is ideal for Lean working environments as each stored item has its own designated location and specific holder. Overlays can be added to allow users to instantly identify missing objects. This is especially useful in industries such as aerospace or engineering, where expensive specialised tools are used.

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The Benefits of Bott Perfo

The Bott Perfo range is the ultimate way to organise and streamline your workplace.

Bott Perfo panels provide specific storage locations for items such as tools, consumables and components meaning they are always in the right place at the right time.

Panels can be freestanding, mobile or attached to other Bott storage ranges.

If you’re working with expensive tools or parts it’s important to know where they are at all times. Bott Perfo allows quick visual checks to be performed so lost items can be identified quickly. Panels can even be situated within cupboards for additional security.

Bott Perfo panels are infinitely adaptable to suit the job at hand. Fit tool hooks to create a maintenance bay and then simply replace with storage bins to form an assembly station. For seasonal businesses or those that need to expand rapidly this feature can be particularly beneficial.

When attached to furniture such as workbenches or cupboards Bott Perfo panels will increase the storage capacity and functionality of the original unit. Keeping regularly used items to hand can make workflow much more efficient.

Louvre panels and hook on plastic bins can be combined with traditional Bott Perfo panels to increase flexibility and provide storage for small parts, stationery and other supplies.

The Lean and 5S working principals seek to reduce waste and boost efficiency by streamlining operations and maximising value. Bott Perfo panels fit this ethos perfectly and can provide huge gains whether you are already working with these methods or are looking to adopt them.

Technical Information

    • Panels are constructed from steel for long-lasting, dependable storage and reinforced with return flanges and support strips to increase rigidity

    • Bott Perfo Wall cupboards free up floor space whilst providing secure storage for valuable tools

    • Mobile panels can be transported around the workplace essentially creating a large scale tool box

    • Kits of popular holders are an ideal base on which to build your Bott Perfo system

  • For more information on the full Bott Perfo range including furniture, specialist tool holders and wall-mounted panels; please call 0808 250 3268, email or click on Live Chat to speak to one of our customer sales specialists.

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