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Drawer Unit Container Systems & Cabinets

Drawer cabinets and container units are an integral part of any storage provisions. By offering dedicated space for small parts, tools and paperwork they compliment other workplace furniture to provide a comprehensive storage solution.
The importance of organised storage cannot be overemphasized. Structuring operations around a “place for everything and everything in its place” mentality is a smart way to streamline your work. As well as saving time and effort, having smaller items stored securely and appropriately will protect them from damage. Drawers offer the ideal space for this to happen.
The range of drawer units available includes sturdy workshop cabinets that are perfect for garages or engineering sites as well as dedicated small parts storage useful for manufacturing or electronics.

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Buying Guide

Drawer units are an essential piece of furniture in workshops and other industrial locations. As with all storage, before any purchase is made it is a good idea to look at current processes and whether they need changing. Once this has been decided upon you can then consider how best to utilise drawer units and container cabinets to maximise efficiency.
Although there are a variety of options available for storing small parts such as louvre panels or tilt tray racks, drawers offer the best way of protecting small items from loss or damage. They are constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or polypropylene for extra strength and tend to be more enclosed and therefore prevent dirt, dust or other debris from contaminating stored goods. Finally, many options are lockable or can have additional security features such as doors added for the ultimate secure storage.
One important aspect to think about when considering which unit would suit your worksite is whether storage should be mobile. Are you likely to use stored parts in a variety of locations? If the answer is yes, there are several options available. Units can be fitted or supplied with wheels to allow parts and tools to be transported to the work rather than the other way round. Another option is to use a container cabinet that houses small parts bins securely, but has the added benefit of allowing them to be taken away for use elsewhere.
If you have a permanent base within your site from which to work, a cabinet with larger drawers can offer a place to keep valuable hand tools. Offering more security than a traditional toolbox, they can also be used as additional workspace.
For a comprehensive solution that suits all locations, choose a drawer unit from a larger range. By combining pieces you can create a bespoke system that works for you. The Dawley collection offers a variety of cabinets that include those with doors or drawers of multiple sizes for universal storage. All units can be supplied for bolting on top of each other to build a solution that is perfect for you.
The Modular Storage System combines drawer units with cupboards, cabinets and racks as well as open bin units and carry cases. These can be positioned in any configuration either on bench tops or as freestanding floor units.
Bott Cubio and Verso cabinets are part of much larger ranges that include everything needed for industrial sites, from workbenches and maintenance trolleys to kitted cupboards and storage panels.
To find out more about any of these ranges our storage specialists are only a click away. Use our Live Chat service now to discuss your requirements.


Q: Why should I use drawers over cupboards or other storage options?
A: It would be very unlikely that drawer units would be the only type of storage required in any workplace. Instead, they work best when used in conjunction with other pieces of furniture including cupboards and open storage. Drawers combine the ability of cupboards to hold items securely with the small part storage capabilities of plastic bins or racking. They are also ideal for holding electrical components, paperwork or stationery.
Q: Aren’t drawers just a place to hide clutter?
A: It is true that often drawers can be a used as a catch all location in which to store miscellaneous items, but to use them in that way is really a waste of space and time. Where drawer units really excel is by offering the chance for organised storage making every item easy to locate. Each drawer can be designated for storing a particular type of item and then these can be split out further using dividers in the form of metal strips or plastic bins. For high-value items such as tools, foam can be laser cut to a specific shape to hold them in place. This protects against damage and allows for easy identification of missing items.

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