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Welco has everything you need to keep your workplace safe, whether it’s dummy closed circuit security cameras designed to deter criminals without the expense of a full CCTV system, or a range of traffic and security mirrors to eliminate blind spots in your car park or site entrance. We can help you keep an eye on your property and prevent accidents immediately outside it. Our convex mirrors come in indoor and outdoor varieties, and we supply forklift truck mirrors. Our dummy cameras use authentic camera housings and contain flashing LEDs, making them indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Convex mirrors were once known as “the sorcerer’s eye” due to their capacity to extend the human field of vision, but they soon took on the additional name of “banker’s eyes” when the security implications of this were realised. From the 15th century onwards, they became ubiquitous in banks, and later, on the roads when traffic volumes became sufficient to create a need to see what was coming around corners and bends.

Welco sells both indoor “banker’s eyes” and outdoor traffic mirrors to provide a total security solution for industrial workplaces. Indoor Security Mirrors come in both convex and hemispherical styles. The convex mirrors provide 1800 visibility, while the hemispherical mirrors come in 900, 1800 or 3600 varieties. We also provide a shatterproof acrylic security mirror with a highly reflective metallised surface. For blind spots within an industrial workplace, our industrial mirrors come in an unbreakable one-piece frame that allows them to be seen easily.

Most vehicle wing mirrors are slightly convex, hence the warning that appears on some mirrors telling the user that objects may be closer than they appear. Our forklift truck mirrors provide a full 1800 panoramic view. The mirrors can be fixed to either the front or rear of the truck, and come with a universal bracket that fits most models of fork lift. Our external traffic mirrors are hardwearing and they allow for greater visibility inside and outside car parks. Many of the mirrors come with reflective edging so that they can be seen more easily.

Our traffic warning mirror is square with rounded corners, and comes with a choice of wording: “CAUTION”, “DANGER” or “SLOW.” Three-directional mirrors are highly convex in order to maximise the viewing angle, and this makes them ideal for blind corners. If frost and condensation are a problem, we also have a mirror for that. Available in either round or rectangular versions, it stores up latent heat, allowing it to remain free of frost in temperatures as low as -200C. Our frost-free mirrors do not require any electrical installation; they use only the heat already stored in the reflective material during warmer or sunny periods, meaning they require minimal maintenance.

If you want the deterrent power of a CCTV camera without the expense of a full-blown CCTV system, our authentic-looking dummy cameras are ideal. Unlike cheap imitation cameras, which can be spotted easily by experienced thieves, these use the same housings as real security cameras, and feature authentic blinking LEDs. They are available in both internal and external varieties to create the illusion of a full system. We do not sell real CCTV cameras as part of our regular workplace security equipment catalogue. However, Welco specialises in project-based solutions, whereby we can create a total package to improve your workplace security.

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