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Safety in the workplace is important for businesses not only because they have to comply with health and safety regulations, but also because it reduces costs, as injuries and accidents in the workplace result in employees having to take time off work and eligible to claim compensation from their employer.

For some businesses, this is an inconvenience, but for smaller businesses the loss of key workers can cause serious difficulties. Purchasing the personal protective equipment (PPE) from recognised suppliers ensures your business not only complies with health and safety regulations but also saves money and increases productivity.

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While health and safety regulations stipulate that employers should make their workplaces safe, for some businesses this is not possible. In such circumstances, PPE must be supplied to all employees at risk of harm.

Our JSP Face Shields feature a frame with a pivoting joint that allows them to be adjusted for a comfortable fit. There are two types of JSP Face Shields available. The first has chin protection for environments that are especially hazardous, and the other is a face shield with a green acetate visor for protection from sparks and bright light.

The visors of JSP Face Shields are made from polycarbonate, which is recommended for protection against impacts and shocks. The acetate visors are specially designed for use in the chemical industry, particularly by those handling solvents. All the visors have aluminium edging, and the head harnesses can be adjusted using a wheel ratchet. Spare visors are available.

Face protection is vital for employees who have to work in areas where there is a risk of flying objects, liquid chemicals, molten metal, caustic liquids or light radiation that might harm the eyes.

Noise in the workplace is another issue employers need to be aware of. Being exposed to loud noise for a prolonged period may result in a permanent loss of hearing or ringing in the ears. It is estimated that around 17,000 people in the UK suffer from ear conditions caused by excessive noise. It is therefore important that individuals who work in noisy environments have access to ear protection equipment.

Our Howard Leight Quiet Earplugs - 28dB will protect the wearer from noise levels up to 28 decibels. They are washable, which means that they can be reused, saving money and reducing wastage.
Howard Leight Quiet Earplugs are quick and easy to use. They are highly visible, and their flexible stems makes them easy to fit. They provide consistent attenuation with no rolling required, and are available either corded or uncorded.

Further information about PPE products may be obtained from our customer service team.

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