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Cones & Barrier Systems

Sometimes businesses have a requirement to control the flow of traffic in the working environment and this can be achieved using cones and barrier systems. Cones are visible ways of marking off traffic lanes or particular areas of a workplace. Barriers may be used to mark off areas to keep out traffic, unauthorised personnel or visitors.

Traffic cones are easy to transport and are a quick and easy way of controlling the flow of traffic without requiring the assistance of co-workers. Cones are also easy to store as they will stack and so do not take up much storage space.

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Cones or barriers are cost-effective, quick and easy solutions to control the flow of traffic or for marking off parking bays in the workplace. Our Skipper™ Retractable Barrier System - Barriers is ideal for quickly cordoning off areas hazardous for pedestrians. This unique system enables you to cordon off an area by placing the unit on top of traffic cones.

The Skipper™ Retractable Barrier System has a highly-visible, heavy-duty water repellent retractable tape and is available in a variety of designs. To create a complete barrier system, you simply pull the tape to the next cone. After use, the tape will simply retract into the unit and can be easily stored. A tape locking device and self-tensioning ratchet ensure that when the barrier has been set up it will remain taut and in place. This barrier system is strong and resilient, but at the same time it is also lightweight, therefore facilitating transportation and storage. The barriers may be used with other fixed elements such as posts or pillars; the tape can be wrapped around the posts and will then clip back on to itself.

There is a large range of accessories available to use with the barriers, such as cord strap holders, A4 sign holders and various types of brackets. Skipper Barrier Kits form a complete kit for creating a barrier system. Each kit comes with a matching number of cones or posts and barriers.

Our Dominator Traffic Cones are fitted with class R1b En13422 sleeves and are an ideal way to delineate roads. The design of the cones complies with motorway legislation and they may be used as warning markers around road works and other hazardous sites. The cone tops are protected by linear low-density polyethylene (LDPE), thus making them very durable and flexible. The cones also feature a 100 per cent recyclable thermoplastic base. Dominator Traffic Cones can be easily transported as they stack for easy storage and can be put in place within minutes of arriving at a site.

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