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Workplace Safety Products

Health and safety at work is everyone’s responsibility, from top-level management downwards. Welco has everything you need to carry out your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act, whether it is safety clothing, earplugs or training DVDs. We also stock the Scafftag Safety Management System, which allows ladders and scaffolding to be safely tagged and inventoried.

Safety barriers and traffic posts can be found on our Barriers, Bollards and Posts page, but you can also find some here, including traffic cones for everyday use. Welco is your one-stop shop for all your personal protective equipment (PPE) needs

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Buying Guide

Fortunately, Welco is able to supply all your workplace safety products.

The adequate provision of PPE clothing is a vital duty of employers. Employees need to be protected from preventable injuries and accidents, including respiratory damage and hearing loss. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises that PPE should be used as a last resort when environmental methods (for example, noise reduction measures or ventilation) are not sufficient to mitigate potentially harmful factors such as noise and fumes. However, when PPE is necessary, it should be used at all times, even when a job only takes a few minutes.

High-visibility jackets and waistcoats are necessary when working in areas where there is a risk from motor vehicles, or in low lighting conditions. We have a range of highly reflective clothing, including jerkins that can be marked with the job title of key personnel, such as fire wardens.

For workers who have to work in cold or refrigerated environments, our thermal underwear and gloves offer protection against the cold, allowing them to work in comfort. Underwear comes in a choice of vests or long johns; both are extremely breathable. Our leather unisex safety boots and shoes have steel toecaps for extra reinforcement, are heat-resistant, and have non-slip soles. Chukka boots are just as tough, but they are more lightweight. For very muddy conditions, we also sell standard wellington boots. Our range includes safety goggles, earplugs (with an easy one touch dispenser for workplaces that get through the latter in large numbers), earmuffs and facemasks to prevent respiratory damage. One of our bestselling items is the Defender personal attack alarm, the loudest personal alarm available for sale in the UK, which also incorporates a high-intensity light.

We currently sell ten different safety training DVDs that cover all aspects of health and safety training. The Health and Safety and Health and Safety in the Office titles provide a general overview of the subject, while other titles cover specific aspects such as electrical safety or fire safety. Each title features a printable PDF assessment form. Seton Safety Media DVDs are designed for public performance to groups of people, rather than for home viewing. This means that the company typically sells far fewer copies compared to DVDs of blockbuster movies or hit TV shows aimed at the home market. Unfortunately, this means they need to be sold at a higher price in order to make their business model viable. However, think of the savings incurred in preventing accidents and injuries at work. That is why these DVDs are among our bestselling products, despite the price.

The Scafftag Laddertag system is designed to keep a record of ladders in the workplace, and comes with guidance for the effective operation and maintenance of ladders. This category also includes electrical and valve lockout kits to enable maintenance engineers to lock out electrical and mechanical systems in the workplace.

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