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Outdoor Storage Units

Many businesses have a requirement to store items outdoors, whether this is a bicycle rack for employees who travel to work by bicycle or storing goods outside. Outdoor storage may need to be secure or if it is on a secure site it may simply be a matter of ensuring that goods are stored in a way that does not interfere with other parts of the business.

Outdoor Storage Units are needed to protect goods or items from bad weather and any unit, whether a flat-pack store, wall-mounted cycle rack or security cage, needs to be robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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We have a range of outdoor storage units and accessories. Storing bicycles can take up a lot of space and if the bicycles are not secured properly they can fall over causing damage to the bicycles or accidents. Our Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Cycle Rack is the ideal solution for storing bicycles if space is limited.

The design of the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Cycle Rack is unique and makes it simple to fix to a wall. The hooks on the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Cycle Rack are staggered so that six bicycles can be easily stored. The rack is manufactured from zinc-coated galvanised steel, which is corrosion resistant. The rack may be used either internally or externally and has a rectangular tube wall mount.

Our Tuff Security Cage is a versatile, fully-collapsible security cage that may be used to secure all types of equipment. When the Tuff Security Cage is folded down it can easily be stacked and, with fork skids on the base, it is easy to move around. The cage is galvanised to withstand all weather conditions.

Our Flat Pack Stores are easy to install; installation will take minutes and no special tools are required. The Flat Pack Store is resistant to rust, making it ideal for outdoor usage. The door is fitted with a double-locking system to prevent vandalism or theft.

The Flat Pack Store is made from lightweight components that can be put together with a socket set, so cranes or forklift trucks are not needed to get it into position. The Flat Pack Store is easy to put in place and transport. Its modular design means there is no problem getting it through tight passages or corridors which would preclude the use of a pre-constructed shed.

The modular design means the Flat Pack Store can be used to create a single large open space by placing them side by side or end to end. The galvanised container has a timber floor. Once the store has been erected it may be lifted by a crane because it has lifting eyes.

For more information on any of our outdoor storage containers, contact our customer service team.

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