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Workplace Outdoor Equipment

Workplace Outdoor Equipment is one of this website’s most wide-ranging categories. To help you navigate, we have broken it down into sub-categories: Outdoor Storage Units is where you will find our flat pack units suitable for storing items too big to fit in your main building, or for reducing clutter. Go to Speed Bumps & Ramps for traffic calming measures to stop your car park from being turned into a racing circuit. Commercial Torches & Floodlights features outdoor lighting equipment. Cable Protectors help prevent cables and hoses from suffering damage by motor vehicle transit on your site.

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Buying Guide

Most workplaces are not just the warehouse or factory itself they also have a car park and grounds. Fortunately, Welco supplies products for the whole site, both interior and exterior.

Our flat pack units made of galvanised steel are rustproof and waterproof, and they can be assembled in just 20 minutes. They come with a double locking system to help prevent theft. Accessories available include shelves and feet for loading onto a forklift truck.

We also supply garden storage units with a spring door for easy walk-in access, and Tuff security cages for heavy-duty storage requirements.

A speed bump is usually fixed (fixing accessories are sold separately), whereas a speed ramp is mobile, though it can be fixed in place if necessary. For traffic calming measures within your car park, we have several different types of speed bump, and parking wheel stops to place at the end of parking spaces, stopping cars from overshooting the space. Our premium speed bumps are made from PVC and feature built-in cat’s eyes for maximum visibility. For the more environmentally conscious, we sell speed ramps made from 100 per cent recycled rubber, which also functions as a cable protector.

This brings us to the subject of Cable Protectors – equipment for protecting cables, hoses and pipes in your outdoor areas. The speed ramps mentioned above contain twin channels for two cables or pipes, but if you just need the cable protector, we also have those. Our hose ramps can be linked together for use on construction sites or in the fire service. Care must be taken not to damage vehicles with traffic calming measures on private property. Also, local authorities sometimes have restrictions on where speed bumps and ramps can be placed. Please consult with your local council in order to ensure that you are not charged with causing an illegal obstruction.

Microlite safety lamps can be attached to traffic cones using brackets (these are sold separately) to help light the way in coned-off areas. We also sell powerful floodlights, both fixed and portable. All of our floodlights are cordless, and they feature powerful LED lamps. They can be charged from a battery using a USB cable, ensuring years of life. The FLOOD-IT range of floodlights combines great battery life with maximum illuminating power. The Go is the portable version, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The PRO is a low-cost, lightweight floodlight for everyday (or should that be everynight?) use. It has a battery life of four hours and a beam output of 10 watts. The PRIME8 has a 20-watt beam, and a dimmer switch, which allows the beam intensity to be controlled and the battery life extended up to 30 hours. Finally, the top-of-the-range BEAST has a 50-watt beam, a beam range of 195 feet, and a dimmer switch. All FLOOD-IT floodlights are made of iron and aluminium, making them exceptionally tough and durable, and they have a 120º beam angle.

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