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When you work in a trade, you’ll have a large number of tools and accessories you need to store safely to prevent them becoming lost or damaged. Often these will need to be left on site for long periods, so you don’t have to transport them every day. However, this presents a security problem and you need to ensure they are protected from any bad weather.

The answer to this would be to purchase one of our Work Tool Accessories, such as a secure storage chest, vault or van box, to keep all your tools together in one place.

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Construction or redevelopment sites can pose security issues when you need to leave tools and other equipment on site overnight or over a weekend. Valuable items can be a target for criminals and there’s also the problem of leaving tools open to the elements. In order to keep everything locked away securely and safe from wet conditions, we have a range of work tool accessories, such as storage units, which are ideal for use in such situations.

Depending on the location and type of tools you need to store, we have a choice of units that can accommodate your requirements. These include tool cabinets that can be kept in site offices and make it easy to organise all your screws, bolts and other small components.

For larger items we have boxes, chests and vaults in different capacities that are fitted with secure locks and have a durable structure to ensure your tools are kept safe and out of sight when not in use. These can be used outside and are completely weatherproof, to prevent damage being caused to the items inside.

It’s important to keep all your tools and equipment organised, so that you’ll always know exactly where an item is or how many of each component you have. The range of tool accessories on offer at Welco also includes a number of items that can help with this, such as site stations that keep everything organised and can be locked and moved as required. These would be ideal, positioned close to one of the specialist workbenches, so you have everything you require close to hand.

We even have all those little elements that can make the difference to your organisation, such as tool clips, hooks, holders and panels, which can be used alongside our tool cabinets and workstations to customise the space so that it meets your specifications.

If you want to talk through your requirements for tool accessories before you place your order, then we have expert advice on hand to answer any of your queries and ensure you get exactly the right product for your needs.

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