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Welco is pleased to supply a range of work tool accessories for storing your tools. We have solutions for every requirement and price range, from simple holders to state-of-the-art workstations. Our secure storage facilities allow you to organise your tools and protect them against theft or unauthorised use.

The BarroBox is ideal for mobile workers, while the top-of-the-range Site Station is both a lockable toolbox and a foldout workstation in one. We also sell a range of fixed tool chests and open cabinets, which are suitable for on-site storage, plus tool hooks for when you need tools to hand.

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Secure tool storage is essential for any workplace because unsecured tools can cause health and safety hazards, not to mention the cost of having to replace any that go missing. Welco has a variety of options to fit your storage requirements and your available budget.

Our range of hooks and clips are the most economical way of tidying tools. Hooks can be used for securing larger tools such as hammers and our spring-loaded clips are suitable for smaller items such screwdrivers and pens. We also sell spanner, drill bit and screwdriver holders. If you need your tools to be located in the same place, look at one of our boxes or vaults.

The Tuffbank storage box features a five-lever deadlock and an anti-jemmying and anti-drilling system in order to prevent theft, while our Secure Storage Chests are made from solid welded steel and feature handles for easy lifting. If you do not require such a high level of security, we also sell cabinets and cabinet stands that allow you to reach for your tools without bending or stooping. Our system storage units allow you to buy a stand for our reinforced tool cabinets so that they can be stacked one on top of the other, with a shelf separating the two.

For those that need to transfer their tools from one place to another, we sell movable storage units. Tuffbank’s van boxes contain the same security features as their fixed storage boxes, but can be easily transported from site to site.

The BarroBox is a secure storage box that can be pushed like a wheelbarrow. Made of thick steel, it features Chubb-style keys and welded security ID numbers. Its automatically latching lid has hydraulic gas struts on either side to make it easier to open when unlocked, while its robust design makes it all but impossible to break into. At the top of the range, the SiteStation combines all the protection of our other safe storage options, but it also folds out into a tool bench. It can be fixed into place, but it has holes in its fork lift skids that allow you to attach castors for when you need a mobile option but transporting it using a forklift truck is not practical. It has two sections, an upper and a lower, each with two shelves, plus several door pockets to keep smaller tools.

The Perfo storage system from Bott Ltd is a space-saving, endlessly adaptable storage system for small hand tools. It is based on perforated steel panels, into which can be inserted holders for such common items as spanners, screwdrivers and drill bits. These panels can then be assembled into cabinets, drawers or workstations. Perfo is an economical and versatile option for all your tool storage needs, and it comes in both standard and heavy-duty versions.

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