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Key & Door Security

Many businesses have areas where access is restricted to authorised personnel. This may be because of sensitive material that should only be accessed by certain staff members, or it may be that the area is unsafe for members of staff not trained to work in that area. There may also be a requirement to lock machinery so that it cannot be operated when it is requiring repairs.

Key and door security is important for ensuring safety and to ensure items are not tampered with, which is why Welco offers a wide range of high-quality key and door security products.

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Key and door security is important to businesses for ensuring that sensitive material is not accessed by unauthorised personnel, goods are not tampered with and machinery that either needs repair or which requires training to be operated safely cannot be accessed.

Our Aluminium Key Cabinets are a stylish way to store keys. Manufactured from durable lightweight aluminium, they are the ideal solution for keeping keys in a central location where they can be easily accessed.

The Aluminium Key Cabinets have smooth curved doors, which allow for greater than 90-degree access, and have pre-drilled holes to make it quick and easy to install them. Aluminium Key Cabinets are available in four sizes and supplied with six colour-coded key clips in mixed colours. The key rails are purpose-built and height-adjustable, enabling the key clips to fit on them snugly. Additional key clips may be purchased in single-colour six packs.

Our Tamper-Proof Key Rings – Tools are easy to use and custom designed. They can be used to seal key rings, with the closing tool closing one end of the ring inside the other, ensuring your keys will not get lost. The connection is secured using the crimping tool. Once the keys have been secured onto the key rings, they can only be removed by the cutting tool.

Our Armorgard Tuffdoor™ Security Door is made from galvanised steel and is easy to fit. It is ideal for temporarily securing rooms or buildings to prevent vandalism or theft. The Armorgard Tuffdoor™ Security Door has been extensively tested to ensure it stands up to pressure. A super-strong clamping system secures the door to the frame, which is very reliable.

The large surround of the Armorgard Tuffdoor™ Security Door fits a range of door sizes. For additional security, it comes with a multi-point locking system, and there are additional floor bolts to provide 360-degree fastening. This heavy-duty security door will ensure property and other possessions are protected from theft and damage.

If you require additional information about key and door security, contact Welco, which has over 70 years of experience in supplying products for the workplace.

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