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Heavy Duty Safes

Businesses often have valuable items that need to be stored in a secure place. Loss of such items can be expensive for a business. A strong safe is ideal for storing such items. Many businesses consider purchasing a safe but many delay making a decision and don’t purchase a safe until they suffer the devastating consequences of theft.

Having closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the building can deter some thieves and will prove useful if evidence of a theft is required. However, electronic surveillance will not stop thefts from occurring - a heavy-duty safe, such as those stocked by Welco, will.

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For storing valuable items, a safe is ideal. Many businesses do not realise until they suffer a theft that the consequences can be very costly. Our heavy-duty safes will protect your valuable items.

Most companies have documents important to the running of the business, including employment agreements, contracts, non-disclosure agreements and invoices. As such, fire can have devastating consequences for businesses.

Our Fire Resistant Document Safes can withstand temperatures of up to 950C for an hour. The electronic digital keypad has two user codes with a master override. The Fire Resistant Documents Safe has external battery access and a key hook bar on the inside of the door. The door opens wider than 200 degrees to give full access to its contents.

The Fire Resistant Documents Safe is suitable for storing documents, including deeds, insurance policies and passports. The safe has a cash rating of £2,000 and is available in a choice of sizes. You can opt to have it delivered to your premises, or arrange for delivery and installation in a ground floor location.

Our Mini Vault Drop Safes are ideal for cash, keys, documents and other valuables. Items can be deposited through the slot without opening the door, and previously deposited items cannot be seen by the depositor.

Mini Vault Drop Safes have solid steel, electrically-welded bodies and thick doors fitted with a double-bitted safe lock as standard. Items dropped through the slot will not be damaged, as the interior has a soft foam insert to protect them. A motion-sensitive interior light is included in all models, which give you overnight cash cover of £3,000.

Mini Vault Drop Safes come in two sizes, both supplied with either a key lock or an electronic lock and bolts for rear or floor fixing.

Fortress SS1180 Safes can be used to store contracts, deeds, documents, files and valuables. Its strong double-wall steel plate construction with high-grade insulation has been tested to the latest European S2 standard, giving it a recommended insurance rating of £4,000.

Our customer service team can provide information on Welco’s range of heavy-duty safes.

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