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Secure Storage encompasses everything from key rings to heavy-duty safes. Welco can assist with all your security needs, whether a brass padlock or a steel door. We also supply covers for hammer-operated “BREAK GLASS FOR KEY” systems.

We have Secure Storage options to suit a wide range of industries and budgets. Our colour-coded padlocks can help to avoid confusion between different teams and departments, while our heavy-duty retractable key rings allow you to easily retrieve up to 15 keys. When extra security is needed, we have combination padlocks and safes available. Whatever your Secure Storage needs, Welco can help.

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Buying Guide

Secure storage doesn’t have to mean a combination safe. It can be something as simple as organising keys properly to encourage people to lock up after themselves, which they might be less inclined to do if they have to search through dozens of keys in order to find the right one. However, if it requires a more advanced solution, we also have that covered.

At the most basic level, our key tags and key clips allow you to write on the label to identify which key belongs to which lock, and to help you divide out keys by department, etc. If you require more security than that, we sell locking and tamper-proof key rings. The latter use special closing and crimping tools (these are supplied separately) to create a sealed ring that can only be opened with a bolt cutter. For keys that only need to be accessed in emergencies, we have a “BREAK GLASS” covered key system, with a hammer for breaking the glass, and replacement glass covers available. There are several options available for the secure storage of keys. Our wall mounted key storage box features a combination lock to prevent unauthorised access. Our electronic key boxes hold up to 144 keys, which can only be accessed by entering the correct code into the keypad. Our retractable key reels are made of polycarbonate-encased Kevlar, and they fix securely to a belt loop or waistband. They are extendable, and they allow up to 15 keys to be accessed easily without ever leaving your person.

Our steel or brass padlocks are tamper-proof and durable. Some types require the owner to enter a combination in order to open them. Hasps allow multiple padlocks to be attached to a piece of machinery so that it cannot be unlocked until all the users have unlocked their individual padlocks. Each hasp can hold up to six padlocks and comes with an optional chain.

We sell a range of heavy-duty safes including, mini vault drop safes which contain a slot in the front that allows keys, documents and the like to be deposited without opening the door. Only the key holder can get them out again. The Fortress SS1180 does not have a slot. This is useful when you want limited access for both depositing and removing items. It comes with two keys, and an insurance rating of £4,000. Finally, our document safes are fire resistant. They are designed to protect sensitive or valuable documents for up to an hour in the event of a fire, being able to withstand temperatures of up to 9500C. It comes with an electronic keypad and hooks for up to ten keys.

The Tuffdoor security door is made from galvanised steel, and requires several keys to open (these are supplied). It also comes with steel bolts designed to fasten it securely into place. The Tuffdoor cannot be kicked down or drilled open, and provides temporary security for buildings or individual rooms during a lock-down.

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