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Office Partitioning

Many businesses have open plan offices, but sometimes it is desirable to partition workspaces or partition off certain areas of workplaces. Office Partitioning systems are a flexible way of dividing up the workspace so that each department has its own workspace. While partitioning separates departments, it also allows the whole workspace to be integrated for a harmonious work experience.

Office partitions can provide a private workspace for workers and soundproofing if required. Office Partitioning is ideal for both small and large workplaces. Aside from its functional benefits, Office Partitioning can also improve the appearance of a workplace.

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Dividing up the workplace can improve productivity as each department can have its own space. Partitions provide privacy and soundproofing and are a great way of creating an office space in a large workplace.

Larger workplaces can be drab, and by using coloured partitions a more appealing workplace can be created. Our partitioning systems may be used to easily and quickly divide up a workplace, either permanently or temporarily.

Our QB Partitioning is a low-cost integrated partition system. The wall channel enables you to fix partition panels to existing walls. The wall channels are available in two lengths and are part of a modular system of single-skin partitioning that allows you to create the partitioning you need.

The QB Partitioning - Standard Panel is another part of the same low-cost, single-skin integrated partition system. The panels can be used in conjunction with other QB Partitioning components to create offices, stores and meeting rooms by dividing and separating space to create separated areas.

The QB Partitioning - Standard Panel comes supplied with all the fixings required to partition and office. The panels bolt together quickly and easily, so you can rapidly create the workspace that you want. Not only are the panels quick to erect, they are easy to disassemble, so they can be reused in another area.

To ensure safety, QB Partitioningl uses safety glass as standard where required.

If you want to customise your partitioning system, the Standard Panel is available in a variety of heights, materials and colours, while Welco offers a free design and installation service.

Our QB Steel Partitioning - Double Door is supplied with locks and door furniture to save you time and money. Safety glass is supplied as standard to provide peace of mind, and the door is hinged on the right so that it opens inwards, but this can be changed if specified when ordering. The QB Steel Partitioning - Double Door comes in a variety of colours and materials.

If you would like more information please contact the Welco customer service team.

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