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Machine Guards & Cages

Businesses that use machinery have a duty to ensure staff are protected when working with that machinery. Health and safety rules around the operating of machinery are strict, and machine guards and cages are ideal when it comes to ensuring only authorised staff have access to machinery, and they are protected when operating that machinery.

There are many way workers can be injured by machinery; being caught by moving parts being one of the most obvious. It is the duty of business owners to assess the risks of using machinery in the workplace and then take steps to minimise those risks.

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Businesses have a duty to prevent unauthorised access to potentially dangerous machinery and our Standard Security Cage - 4 Sided with Roof is ideal for protecting machinery. The cage is strong and durable and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for all products or components covered by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.

The modular construction of the Standard Security Cage - 4 Sided with Roof makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. It has a double door that can be fitted anywhere within a run of panels. The standard panels can be fitted together to create cages of different sizes. To be secure, the cage must be bolted down.

The 4 Sided Standard Security Cage with Roof comes in a range of finishes and all fittings are included. Different sizes are available, and Welco offers an installation service.

For those who would like something more secure, our Heavy Duty Security Cages are ideal. They can be used inside and out and have a welded steel construction with a square box section and angle iron. To make the cage secure, a tamper-proof, high security cylinder mortice deadlocks are fitted as standard. Patented security shear bolts are used to secure the roof.

The Heavy Duty Security Cages are made from sturdy steel mesh. Inside the cages have three wooden shelves that can be set at variable heights and provide plenty of storage. The cage has a modular construction, which makes it easy to assemble.

In addition to cages for storing equipment, we also have machine guards such as our Welding Screen. The Welding Screen is designed to eliminate dangerous welding flash, protecting workers’ eyes from the glare. While providing protection, it also maintains ease of access to the workstation.

The Welding Screen has a galvanised steel framework and is robust and rustproof. Static and mobile models are available and you can choose from two colours when ordering. It is supplied flat packed for ease of assembly and storage.

Additional information about our machine guards and cages can be obtained from the Welco customer service team.

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