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Industrial Door Strips and Curtains

Industrial door strips and curtains are used by many businesses, typically warehouses, but they also have other uses such as with cold rooms in food processing factories. PVC curtains are the perfect solution for areas which require frequent access by vehicles or pedestrians.

The PVC curtain is a flexible barrier across an opening which allows easy access, but still manages the temperature of a room effectively, whether the room is hot or cold. PVC curtains can even be used in freezers where the temperature may be as low as -32 C. Despite the low temperature, the curtains will remain flexible.

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There are many advantages to using PVC Strip Curtains. The curtains are low-cost and easy to maintain. They can prevent the movement of airborne particles and provide noise insulation. As the curtains consist of strips they are easy to repair, as strips may be individually replaced. PVC Strip Curtains also prevent the loss of hot or cold air, depending on the application. They also admit light whilst keeping rain, wind and draughts out of the workplace.

Industrial door strips for external use are made of thicker material and have more overlap, while industrial door strips for internal use are lighter to make the passage of pedestrians easier. Welco stocks industrial door strips and curtains for internal and external use.

Our External PVC Strip Doors are ideal where there is frequent access to an inside area either by people or vehicles. The External PVC Strip Doors provide an effective barrier while saving time, as they do not have to be opened and closed. Our External PVC Strip Doors keep cold air out and warm air in.

The screen of overlapping strips is made from flexible PVC, which are hung on aluminium rails that are quick and easy to install. Our PVC Strip Doors - External are ideal for use in either cold weather or hot weather. The door strips may be fixed in place or allowed to slide, which makes them ideal for ventilation in the summer months. Marker strips are used to identify the outer edges of the doorways.

We also have Internal PVC Strip Doors and polar-grade PVC that is ideal for freezer rooms as it maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures.

Our PVC Strip Curtains eliminate airborne problems such as fumes, dust, splashes, draughts, birds and insects. They allow easy access for pedestrians or vehicles, and also let light through. The PVC Strip Curtains may be used to segregate heated working areas from unheated working areas.

For further information talk to the Welco customer service team; Welco has over 70 years of experience in supplying high-quality products for the workplace.

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