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Industrial Matting & Adhesive

It may not be the first thing that people think about when they consider the work environment, but flooring is very important. Health and safety regulations apply to all workplaces, and from workplace accident statistics it is known that one of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace is slips and trips.

Making a working environment a safe place for both employees and visitors has to include consideration of the flooring. Industrial matting and adhesives can be used in areas to reduce the risk of slipping or tripping and it can also be used to reduce workplace fatigue.

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Our PVC Workstation Mats relieve operator fatigue. Workers who as part of their job have to spend long hours standing on hard surfaces such as concrete floors can develop over a period of time disorders of the foot and lower limbs. If these problems become persistent it may result in an individual having to leave their job or be redeployed to another area.

To avoid these problems, businesses need to take a number of steps and one of these is the use of matting. Our PVC Workstation Matting not only provides a cushioned surface to reduce fatigue they are also anti-slip. In addition, the mats have a bevelled edge that further reduces the likelihood of slips or trips. The mats are impervious to many chemicals and so are ideal for use in many engineering and manufacturing industries.

The colour-coded edge of the PVC Workstation Mats meets most safety standards, and the mat is slip resistant to test EN 13552 category R10. The mat has a mesh woven from PVC extrusions which allows for waste and swarf to drop through the mat. This can be useful in workplaces where dust and debris are common.

Another common hazard in workplaces is electricity. Workers who have to work with electrics need adequate protection to reduce the risk of electrical shocks. Our Electrical Safety Matting is designed to reduce the risk of electric shocks. The mat has been specifically created for using in front of high-voltage equipment or open switchboards. Use of these mats will create a safer working environment for workers who have to work with potentially dangerous equipment.

The mats come in various thicknesses. One mat has been tested to 11,000 volts for 450-volt working that complies with BS921/1976, while the other mat has been tested to 15,000 volts for 650-volt working that conforms to BS921/1976. The matting is made from fine-fluted rubber, which makes it slip resistant. The mats should only be used in dry areas.

Further details of the industrial matting and adhesives stocked by Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products for the workplace, may be obtained from our customer service team.

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