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Wheeled Bins & Containers

Our range of wheeled bins and containers can be purchased in a variety of capacities, styles and colours to enable you to implement an effective waste management plan. There are wheeled bins similar to those used in domestic properties, alongside more commercial types, which can handle large quantities of waste.

It’s essential that you have appropriate waste facilities on your site to handle the level of rubbish that is generated. Carrying out a waste audit will ensure that you purchase the correct products and will prevent the risk of bins becoming overfull, which can result in an unpleasant environment.

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1135 x 1360 x 655 mm(2)
1213 x 1373 x 776 mm(1)
1213 x 1373 x 780 mm(1)
1354 x 1373 x 1073 mm(2)
1455 x 1373 x 1057 mm(2)
555 x 320 x 910 mm(1)
555 x 405 x 780 mm(1)
560 x 555 x 610 mm(1)
685 x 400 x 555 mm(1)
855 x 470 x 560 mm(1)
940 x 445 x 520 mm(1)
High Density Polyethylene(2)

Wheeled bins and containers make collecting rubbish in a central location much easier, allowing you to maintain the right appearance for your business and keeping waste points out of sight. Our wheeled bins have capacities up to 1,100 litres, providing you with the opportunity to purchase waste containers that meet your exact requirements.

Large quantities of rubbish can be extremely heavy, which can create problems when you need to move it from one location to be collected. However, wheeled bins give you an easy and convenient way of transporting waste, making it much safer for employees to deal with. The smaller models are fitted with two wheels and can be pulled or pushed by one person. The larger capacity bins are fitted with four wheels and are designed to be moved short distances in order to be emptied into the rubbish trucks.

Depending on your usage requirements, the wheeled bins that we have in stock are available with a choice of openings. The four-wheeled versions can have a flat or a roll-top lid, which can make it easier for people throwing away large bags and objects. We also have open-topped, nesting mobile trucks, which can be used for collecting and moving big items or large amounts of rubbish, which can then be wheeled to the required location. These are ideal for storing, as multiple containers can be stacked inside one another.

Even when you’re dealing with waste in such volumes, it’s still possible to maintain your recycling policy, and these bins can be purchased in a variety of colours to enable you to easily set up different bins for the various types of rubbish. With all your waste collections in one location, it makes it more convenient for people to segregate their rubbish, which increases recycling rates and enhances your environmental credentials.

To order one of the wheeled bins from Welco, simply select the model, colour and capacity requirements and then use the online ordering and payment system. If you require details on when your order will be dispatched and delivered, you can speak to one of our advisers.

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