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Tipping Skips

When large quantities of waste need to be moved around a site or stored until it can be collected, a small skip could be the best solution. At Welco, we stock a number of different types of skips for various uses, including automatic and self-Tipping Skips, tilting skip bins and wheelbarrow skips, which can all help to move the waste safely and securely.

Skips are ideal for keeping waste out of sight until it can be transported to a processing facility, and make sense for businesses that are undertaking a substantial clear out or redecoration project and require additional capacity.

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Businesses often spend time researching the most effective ways to manage their waste policy, but this can also result in a higher percentage of accidents occurring, as more employees are handling equipment or need to be in the immediate vicinity, which can lead to injuries if someone is not properly trained on how to use said equipment. Skips can provide an ideal way of dealing with substantial amounts of rubbish, and in the right situations are perfectly safe to use.

Before making a purchase of one of our skips, it’s important to understand the differences between them and how they should be safely handled. Otherwise, you could end up using the wrong equipment or techniques and causing damage or injuring yourself.

Automatic and self-tipping skips are a safe way of handling large quantities of waste in one go. The skips are manufactured from steel to provide an extremely durable and hardwearing structure. Once the tipping skip is full, it can be moved using a standard lift truck, and we can provide a range of these through our site, including both powered and manual versions. Mini mobile tipping skips can be ordered for lesser amounts of waste, but they still provide you with the same robust structure.

The other types of skips that are available through the website include tilting skip bins. These are easy to handle and move using the three wheels and a handle, and they provide a secure means of transporting waste, as the latch has to be removed before the bin will tip.

When you’re moving waste from different areas of a site on a regular basis, it could be a sensible idea to invest in one of the wheelbarrow skips. These are manufactured to provide you with a high level of durability and the supports ensure that the load is safe while it’s moving.

If you’re unsure as to the type or size of skip that you will require, you can speak to one of our expert advisers, who will be able to answer your questions and direct you towards the most suitable products.

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