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Sack Holders are a cost-effective and convenient way of storing rubbish, especially around large sites. They can be used indoors and outdoors to hold a variety of types of rubbish, and the sacks are easy to remove once the bin is full. At Welco, we offer a range of different Sack Holders that are suitable for a number of environments, including heavy-duty situations.

Using individual sacks within these holders maintains a more hygienic collection point, as no rubbish makes contact with the bin, and it’s easier to prevent overfilling, as the sack can quickly be changed when necessary.

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If you need a way of storing rubbish across your site sack holders are ideal. They are manufactured from different materials depending on the intended use; some are made to accommodate metal products and some are suitable as clinical waste bins in laboratories, hospitals and caretaking facilities.

We also supply fire retardant sack holders, which are produced using hardwearing polyethylene to create a structure that provides protection in the event of fire.

Many of these sack holders are foot operated, which provides you with a hands-free solution and reduces the risk of infection. This also makes the holders easier to clean, as there is less chance of rubbish getting into the bin itself.

If you require a temporary waste management solution or need a product that can be moved around the site as required, then you should look at the range of mobile and semi-mobile sack holders that we have in stock. These are easy to transport to the desired location, such as food preparation, waste collection or laundry areas. The disposable sacks simply fit into the holder as usual, but the unit itself is lightweight and on wheels, which makes moving it easy. An alternative temporary solution is a steel mesh sack holder, featuring a full guard.

Where space is limited, you might want to opt for one of the wall-mounted sack holders. These are ideal for use outside and prevent the bin from accidentally being knocked over.

Alongside our sack holders, we can also provide you with bulk orders of the refuse sacks, so you should never run short. These range from lightweight through to extra heavy-duty options; they offer high levels of tear resistance and are supplied in a handy box to offer convenient storage.

You can easily select the type and capacity of sack holder you require through the website and ordering is quick and simple using the online system. If you have any problems with ordering your chosen products, our helpful customer service team will be able to assist you.

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