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Heavy Duty Recycling Bins & Containers

Recycling has become an essential part of everyday life and is often something that we do without even thinking about it. As well as focusing on recycling in the home, it’s important that businesses do their bit for the environment and encourage their employees and customers to recycle items wherever possible.

At Welco, we can help you make this easy and convenient for them with our range of recycling bins, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so there’s always a solution to suit your needs. These vary from small segregation units to heavy-duty recycling bins and containers.

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Some businesses produce waste every day and a lot of it is suitable for recycling if the facilities are available to segregate rubbish before it is collected. Therefore, it’s essential that companies provide the appropriate recycling bins for employees, visitors and customers, so that they can dispose of their waste in the correct manner.

Recycling in offices and other commercial sites doesn’t just make sense environmentally, but it can also make good business sense; helping to save money and reflecting the credentials of the business in a positive light.

We have a choice of recycling bins for sale through our site to help you encourage users to put their rubbish in the correct containers, reducing the amount that is thrown away. For example, we have economical plastic recycling bins that come in a choice of colours for different types of waste. They are ideal for use indoors, within schools and offices to provide a quick and convenient method of sorting waste. There are also split units that are beneficial when space is at a premium, and you can choose the types of waste catered for, depending on what items tend to be thrown away.

As well as internal recycling bins, we also stock heavy-duty recycling bins and containers that are suitable for outdoor use. These are extremely durable and able to withstand weather conditions to offer a suitable solution for collecting large quantities of recycling in one place. The products we have available include options for recycling cans, plastics, paper and organic waste, so you can choose the bins that will be most effective on your site.

Not only can recycling bins be of use to larger businesses, healthcare facilities or educational sites, but retail units can also benefit from installing heavy-duty recycling bins and containers. These create added value for their customers, who can visit the site to recycle items as well as to do their shopping.

It’s easy to select the particular recycling bins you require from our site, with colour and waste options available, and you can speak to one of our experts about specific delivery requirements.

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