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Heavy Duty Pedal & Push Bins

If you need an efficient means of disposing of waste across your site then our range of pedal and push bins is an ideal solution. They are available in a choice of styles and materials, providing waste facilities that will fit into any environment and suit different budgets.

Our products are designed to suit a variety of needs, whether you have minimal waste to dispose of or have a high level that will require heavy-duty solutions. Whatever type of internal bins you require, our pedal and push bins can be used as part of an effective waste management plan.

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Heavy duty pedal bins are a common site in commercial facilities, schools, healthcare sites and industrial units and they have both hygiene and safety benefits for users. The use of a pedal bin means that there is less risk of contamination, as users don’t have to touch the surface of the bin. They are convenient when people are carrying a large number of items and are particularly useful in areas where hygiene levels are especially important, such as washrooms and kitchen facilities.

These pedal and push bins can reduce the spread of germs and provide a much cleaner environment for everyone, which means there is less chance of sickness bugs being passed around, which can be an issue for offices and schools where large numbers of people are in close proximity. All our internal bins are easy to keep clean and some have specific features, such as rounded corners and removable bodies.

The range of bins we offer through our website is manufactured in a choice of materials, depending on the style required and the budget you have available. We stock cost-effective plastic pedal and push bins that are easy to maintain and ideal for use in busy environments, making it simple to dispose of rubbish.

We also have heavy-duty pedal and push bins that are extremely hard wearing and designed for high traffic areas. They have a stainless steel design, making them exceptionally durable and able to handle high and heavy capacities without any performance issues.

At Welco, we can assist you with the implementation of your whole waste management plan, from the initial disposal point right through to commercial waste facilities, including tipping skips and wheeled bins. Our extensive knowledge of the facilities management sector enables us to understand exactly what our clients require and to suggest the most suitable solutions that will allow you to manage your waste levels successfully.

For further information on particular products in our range, you can simply click on the individual items and we can provide quotes for large orders if required.

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