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Commercial Steel Waste Bins & Containers

Commercial quantities of waste need to be handled safely and securely before they can be transported to landfill or a recycling facility for processing. Our range of steel waste bins and containers can be incorporated into your waste management policy and be another step in the process of collecting and disposing of rubbish across your site.

These products are designed to handle large amounts of waste in one go to enable it to be transported quickly and efficiently. The one-man operation means that productivity can be increased and costs reduced, which is an added benefit for the business.

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Commercial steel waste bins and containers are an extremely efficient means of handling large amounts of waste and they can save a business time and money, and reduce the number of accidents.

Steel waste bins and containers are time efficient, as they only require a single man to operate the lifting equipment and empty the waste out. The containers can be lifted using a standard lift truck, which can also be purchased through Welco, and no modifications will be necessary to the truck in order to move the waste bins.

These waste bins and containers reduce the need for employees to manually handle waste, which can be a source of a large percentage of accidents that occur in the workplace. Instead, the containers can be safely lifted, moved and disposed of in one action, without affecting the worker.

As lift trucks handle the containers, their usage can increase productivity levels across the site. This is only a one-man job, so other resources can be used elsewhere and it’s a quick and efficient method that enables work to continue while the waste is being moved.

These commercial steel waste bins and containers are manufactured from very hardwearing materials and offer a cost-efficient means of handling waste. They can be used repeatedly without deteriorating in quality, which makes them a very efficient investment.

Alongside the steel waste bins, we can also supply metal park bins, which have a heavy-duty steel construction to reduce the likelihood of vandalism. The bins are powder coated with polyester to provide protection from the weather, so that they won’t deteriorate when left in the wind, rain or sun. Park supervisors can easily empty full sacks and position a new one, with an internal sack holder that keeps it in place.

All of these steel waste bins and containers can be ordered directly through our website and we are able to offer personalised quotes for businesses that are looking to place bulk orders. Any further information on the products available can be requested through our team of expert advisers.

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