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Flammable Liquid Storage Units

Businesses that have to store on their premises flammable liquids and other hazardous substances must comply with strict health and safety regulations. These regulations ensure employees can work safely and and reduces the risk of accidents occurring or injuries being sustained due to spillages or leaks.

Purchasing specialist Flammable Liquid Storage Units that have been created to hold such hazardous substances is the best way of complying with health and safety regulations. A failure to comply with these regulations can be costly to a business, not only in lost employee hours, but also in terms of possible legal action and subsequent fines.

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Our flammable storage units have been specially constructed to safely and securely hold flammable liquids. Our FlamStor Cabinets are designed to hold harmful chemicals and flammable liquids. These upright cabinets are made of robust steel and have adjustable shelves to make it easy and convenient to store containers of various sizes.

FlamStor Cabinets are fitted with flame arresters and full ventilation to prevent the build-up of dangerous vapours. The heavy-duty doors have five-lever deadlocks for additional security. The units also have full-welded sump bases to contain spills and leaks within them.

To increase the longevity of FlamStor Cabinets they have a powder coat finish and an anti-corrosive undercoat. The units also have labelling that complies with all current regulations for storing chemicals and flammables. The units may be moved and have forklift skids to make this easier. The units have 30-minute fire resistance.

Our ChemBank Chemical Storage Vault allows you to store chemicals safely and securely. The ChemBank Chemical Storage Vault is compliant with all the current regulations for storing chemicals and flammable liquids. It is made from robust steel and has a welded sump base to prevent spills and leaks.

Each ChemBank Chemical Storage Vault has high and low ventilation to prevent the build-up of dangerous fumes. The vault has incorporated into it five-lever mortice deadlocks to provide additional security. The lids of the vaults are fitted with hydraulic arms to make them easy to open and an auto-latch, which ensures the lids remains open when required, making it easier to store and remove items.

The ChemBank Chemical Storage Vaults have a 30-minute fire rating and have signage that complies with all the current regulations. A flame arrester gauze is fitted to each unit, which ensures optimum safety in the event of a fire by permitting gas to pass through, but not flames. If the units need to be moved, the forklift skids on their bases make moving them easy.

If you want to find out more about units suitable for storing chemicals or flammable liquids, then call our customer service team, who will be able to discuss your requirements with you.

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